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Just in Time for the Holidays, Uber Launches New ‘Uber Connect’ Service in New Jersey to Send Packages to Family and Friends

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Secaucus NJ, Uber announced the launch of its new delivery service, Uber Connect, in New Jersey allowing families to easily send packages to their loved ones nearby. The service will allow state residents, including those who are social distancing from loved ones, to easily send a broad range of items from their homes to other people around the area. It’s a cost effective same-day, no-contact delivery solution that keeps people feeling close, even when we’re apart.

Whether it’s a care package, a board game, or a last minute holiday gift, you can send it by requesting “Uber Connect” in the Uber app. This option is now available in more than 25 cities in Australia, Mexico, and the US. Connect is part of Uber’s effort to look beyond food and grocery, to provide on-demand and scheduled last-mile delivery solutions for consumers and businesses alike.

“Even though many of us will be apart this holiday season, we’re all looking for ways to stay connected,” said Akansha Kumar, Product Lead for Uber Connect. “Whether you want to send that Secret Santa gift, homemade treats, or a care package to a loved one across town, Uber Connect delivery has you covered with new features that save time and add assurance.”

Here’s how it works: customers open their Uber App and look for the “connect” option in their home screen. Once they select connect they input the pickup and drop off location and confirm the request. An Uber driver will then come to their house, pick up the package and deliver it for them. Connect was built to provide a contactless experience. Customers simply meet their delivery person at the curb after a request is booked, carefully deposit their delivery items in the vehicle, and track the package as they would an Uber trip.

You can learn more about Uber Connect here.

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