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>Keep America Safe : Raise Your Voice Today

>Dear Supporters,

Last Saturday, thousands of people took to the streets of New York City to protest Attorney General Eric Holder’s outrageous plan to transfer 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other admitted war criminals to the United States for trial in a civilian court in New York City. The protest sent a clear message to the politicians in Washington: the terrorists who targeted innocent men, women and children and who were captured by our military on a foreign battlefield should not have the same rights and legal protections as American citizens. We will fight them all the way!

Opposition to this dangerous policy began on November 9, 2009, when 300 9/11 family members sent a letter to President Obama, urging him not to transfer these enemy combatants to US soil for trial. Thanks to your signatures, the number of signers now exceeds 135,000.

Four days later, on November 13th, Holder announced his decision to bring unrepentant, committed Islamic terrorists to a civilian court in lower Manhattan where they can mock their victims and rally their fellow terrorists just blocks away from where 2,752 people were murdered. He made this decision without consulting the Department of Homeland Security, New York City’s police commissioner or its mayor.

In response to this decision, 9/11 families, first responders and military families have joined together to stop Holder from giving Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the platform he craves in the heart of New York City. To support their efforts, Keep America Safe, and 9/11 Families for a Safe and Strong America, formed the 9/11 Never Forget Coalition.

With this new coalition, we can combine the firepower of all supporting organizations to target this one specific issue for reversal. This effort has been met with overwhelming support. Since its inception, the Coalition has gained the support of the Center for Security Policy, ACT For America and the Uniformed Retired Firefighters Association, among others.

The rally in New York City was a warning shot to the members of Congress. Now the fight needs to move from the streets of New York to the offices of Congress. By a wide margin, recent polls show that Americans do not support this policy. We will target any member of Congress who ignores the will of the people on this issue.

We are asking every person who objects to the terror trials to contact Congressional offices in Washington and in local districts. Phone calls, letters and personal visits can keep the pressure on Congress.

Even if you don’t receive a personal response, they are getting your messages. If you don’t do anything, you will guarantee they will never hear you. Action is needed on your part — on our part — to preserve the chance that our voices will be heard and terrorists captured on the battlefield will be kept out of our civilian courts.

We are not asking you for your money or your vote; we are asking for something far more valuable: your time. This is not an appeal for you to do something for us. This is an appeal asking you to raise your voice.

Put your Congressmen and Senators on record.

Today, Keep America Safe launched the video “Raise Your Voice,” which was shot on location this past Saturday at the rally in New York. We encourage you to respond to this video via YouTube with a short video report of what your representative told you when you called, emailed or visited.

Besides video reports, we encourage you to join the Coalition’s Facebook page and file your report on its wall. You can also post a brief line directed to @Never911Forget on Twitter, telling the world who is with us and who stands against us. We also urge you to report your findings to local and national radio, telling the hosts what your representatives told you. All of these things can make a difference and will keep the pressure on Congress.

Let’s find out who the real leaders are in the U.S. Congress and who is willing to fight back.


Tim Brown and Debra Burlingame
Co-founders, 9/11 Never Forget Coalition

P.S. This Friday night, Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” program will be an hour-long town hall special featuring 9/11 family members and first responders who are furious that members of Congress are letting admitted war criminals have civilian trials on US soil. The Coalition will be represented in the audience and we urge you to tune in and hear their reasons for opposing these trials. “Hannity” airs at at 9pm EST, with a replay at 12 midnight EST.

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