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>Killion Scores Huge Victory – Live Holiday Tree Will Be Located In Van Neste Park

>Deputy Mayor Keith D. Killion has successfully lobbied his fellow Village Council members to approve the purchase and installation of two live holiday trees for the 2008 and beyond “Downtown for the Holidays” celebrations.

Two 28-foot trees will be purchased and planted sometime between October 15 and November 15. One tree will be located within Van Neste Park; the other will be planted at the top of West Ridgewood Avenue near the train station.

In response to negative feedback regarding changes to a long standing Ridgewood tradition, Killion announced that agreement was reached to leave a portion of East Ridgewood Avenue closed during the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce sponsored 2008 celebration (closure in effect between Walnut Street and Broad Street – Broad Street to remain open throughout celebration

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