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>Laurie, "Ridgewood residents are generally polite and civilized!"

>Laurie said…

The requirement for speakers to provide their name and address is part of the Board Policy/Bylaws, and has been for quite some time. Whether the info is given via spoken word or in writing, the intent is not to intimidate, but rather to capture this info for follow-up as necessary. (I don’t know what the original intent was way back when, but that’s the current reason.)

The Rules for Public Participation in the BOE Bylaws (Section 0167), from which this intro is taken, reflect current state statutes and are virtually identical to other school districts’ rules, which exist to keep meetings orderly and productive. Fortunately, we have not often had cause to employ the control measures (for lack of a better term) listed in the bylaws because, you’re right, Ridgewood residents are generally polite and civilized!

the FLY responds …

I have no issue with people identifying themselves by name and address, but “signing in?” Is applying your signature to a document really necessary? And is requesting the application of a signature legal? Next thing you know, Mr., Mr. Mrs., Mrs., and Mrs. will be requiring 3 forms of identification prior to meeting attendees being allowed to speak!


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