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Legislation to Repeal the Religious Exemption for Mandatory Vaccines Fails

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by Carolee Adams

Trenton NJ, thousands descended on the state capitol ,honking horns, chanting “My GOD, My Choice,” “Vote No!”, “Kill the Bill”, “We Will Vote You Out”, intermittently reciting the LORD’s Prayer, displaying a giant American flag, with megaphones and placards, thousands of opponents of a Bill that mandated vaccinations without informed written parental consent, and that also eliminated religious exemptions, surrounded the New Jersey State House and Senate chambers until long after darkness fell. A new day in New Jersey! An army of Milennials, Generation Z, fighting for parental rights and freedom of religion, has arrived for such a time as this!i Let not the sun set on this movement heading in the “right” direction!

While some argue its a triumph of anti-vaxers over science we look at it more as a triumph of parental rights and freedom of religion over state control of your children. The Fact is the non vaccinated offer no threat to the vaccinated .

Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips stood-up against a bill that would have eliminated the religious exemption for school vaccination requirements. The bill could not get the votes to pass the legislature today.

“This bill is hardly a compromise from the one that we considered on December sixteenth,” said DePhillips. “It is still unconstitutional because it dismantles the religious exemption. But, now, it is also discriminatory – because it only applies to public school children who cannot afford to be home-schooled or go to private school.”

The Senate previously amended the bill to exclude private school students, effectively limiting the vaccination mandate to public schools, but couldn’t get enough votes for passage.

Senator Declan O’Scanlon (R-13) issued the following statement today after legislation to repeal the religious exemption for mandatory vaccines stalled in the Senate:

“The failure of the vaccine bill to pass today is a case of Democracy working as it should.  There was enough opposition to this version of the bill to block it.  I applaud the opponents for their tremendous, ultimately successful effort.

“The question now is what happens next. We should all hope that the issue of resurgent, vaccine-preventable diseases will simply go away, as has been predicted by the folks who opposed the bill.  God willing that’s the case. But our experience to date suggests that’s not likely.

“With that in mind we should work to bring all sides together to discuss what might be a path forward that can both pass the legislature and ensure we maintain high vaccination rates so as to protect some of the most vulnerable among us, as has been my goal all along.  I stand ready to participate in that effort.”


15 thoughts on “Legislation to Repeal the Religious Exemption for Mandatory Vaccines Fails

  1. Huge win for American parents against ever encroaching Pharma. I recommend parents who are unfamiliar with the subject to look into the issue beyond what the corporate media publishes.

    Whether you’re concerned about vaccines side effects or not, you should be as a parent concerned that Pharma is taking away your right to manage what is injected into your kids. That’s what this bill was all about.

    The fact is that Pharma got a sweet deal in the 80s that they are not liable for any side effects of vaccines. And even CDC admits that such effects range from mild irritation to death. You can’t sue manufacturers of vaccines, which is very different from any other product you consume. Keep in mind that CDC is a private Organization on Pharma payroll.

    US citizens should rightfully be concerned that corporations making vaccines have zero incentive to update their quality over time or research side effects. That is the real public health issue. To be incentivised, these companies need to be held liable for their product in the court of law. And that starts by American parents demanding change to existing mandatory vaccination laws and non-liability treatment of corporations making them.

  2. A neighbor brought this to my attention. I was alarmed to look at the bill and more alarmed at how Trenton is attacking our parental rights. There is a bill proposed that will give 14 year olds the ability to consent to medical procedures and vaccines like HPV and Flu shot regardless of parental objection.

    I do not like the HPV and Flu shot. If we loose this religious exemption they can mandate those and our rights are gone. Spoke to our Assemblyman and he confirmed that is correct. He highlighted many other bills that attempt to strip away parental rights.

    It’s very alarming. Trenton should stay out of my children’s medical decisions and stop attacking parental rights.

  3. Government overreach has to stop. Vaccinating parents do not want more mandates or HPV for school. Loretta Weinberg proposed S398 to allow schools to give HPV to 14 yr old without parent consent or knowledge! No family wants that.

  4. New Jersey Democrat s seem to want parents out of the picture. Draconian bills always backfire. Use some common sense!

  5. I’ve been following this, and there’s no way government should have the right to go against parental wishes to inject anything into their kids. Weather for religious or health reasons, all parents should have the right to informed consent for their children. This is about the right to choose.

  6. Trenton is trying to take away our parental rights. They are already starting to push the HPV and flu vaccine and more mandates will follow. You can have Hepatitis B and go to school but you cannot go to school if you don’t have 3 vaccinations for Hepatitis B!

    Vaccine manufacturers and doctors who administer them have zero liability. There is a separate vaccine court that has paid out billions to vaccine injured children which is funded by a tax that WE pay every time we get a vaccine. If your child dies from a vaccine, the maximum payout is $250k! If vaccines are so safe, why do manufacturers and doctors need full immunity?

  7. The legislators claim is for health reasons, who are they to determine our kids health. Mandates will never work, where is the democratic famous chant of my body my choice, does that only apply to take a baby’s life in the mother’s womb? No, it should be always. Our body our choice, our kids our choice. We the parents along with their doctors make the decisions that are safe for our children. Every body is different and bodily autonomy needs to be respected. Measles is not a deadly disease we have toilets ready access to vitamin A, stop calling a child illness which is just an uncomfortable rash a disease. Disease is the need to constantly need pharma in our lives, their vaccines are like a drug, constantly weaning off and soon needing a booster because they don’t work.

  8. Everyone needs to look into this issue for themselves. We’ve all learned that trusting the government is a dicey proposition. There is more here than they want us to know.

    It’ll never be ok to mandate any medical intervention without an opt-out. It’s scary that we even came this close.

    And it’s not over. We need to speak up and make sure we don’t lose more of our rights to this or any government.

  9. It looks to me like the same 1 or 2 people are making all the comments here. Anti Vaxers are nuts and a danger to society.

  10. Coming from a formal communist country as a religious refugee, I can’t believe how easily people are willing to give up their rights. This is America!
    If you let the government coerce you to inject liability free product into your children, who do you think they will go after next? God knows what other medical procedures this will pave the way.
    This bill was terrible and it’s amendments made it horrendous. I’m glad that people of NJ fought this off.

  11. I am Pro-vaccine.
    I am AGAINST this bill.
    Glad it failed.
    This is an issue of parental rights… not public health safety.

  12. The MMR vaccine has been around since 1967. It’s not dangerous and it prevents disease (YES measles is a disease – not just a rash). Get a life people. Vaccinate your children and stop putting mine at risk.

  13. Fix is in

  14. This is NOT about the MMR vaccine.
    This is about forcing ALL vaccines… like the HPV vaccine on Middle School Students
    and taking this choice away from the parents.

  15. If your child is vaccinated, how am I putting him/her at risk by not vaccinating mine?

    As a sibling of a brother who is severely disabled from vaccinations he received 14 years ago (with documentation to prove it, so save your comments,) my family has been fighting for justice to no avail ever since…it is suddenly “not their fault” and my brother’s well-being does not matter to their corporate agendas. I will never support corruptly-protected big pharmaceutical companies trying to inject my children for their own financial gain. Follow the money – for them, this is not a matter of “protecting our kids” it’s a matter of protecting their bank accounts.

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