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>"Lights Out" : As citizens, taxpayers and homeowners we have rights too.

>”Lights Out” : As citizens, taxpayers and homeowners we have rights too.
Tom Kossoff

Ridgewood NJ- I did not when I wrote the “Lights Out” intend to comment on any response.
have heard some sports advocates say you are lucky we’re not playing until 11:00. As citizens, taxpayers and homeowners we have rights too.

Quality of life and our families health and welfare. I assume you are a family person. What was “Lights Out” in your home when your children were young. Maybe as early as 7:30 then 8:00 and so on. How can you expect all the neighbors around the fields to be disrupted by later night schedules. You imply I don’t want night games. I do but the schedule needs to be adjusted for 9:00 cut-off. The other towns you mention DO NOT have the same dense situation of homes that we have along with little parking.

You are comparing apples and oranges and confusing the issue for many readers. I am for night games here but not “Lights Out” time night games. I invite you to visit our homes when the games begin and I think you will have a much better idea. It’s all about location, location, location. When they chose to put these many lights in this small neighborhood they were not thinking about the effects.

Nice people, good intent but bad decision. That’s all it is.Yes we moved next to a school and
I love it. I did not move next to a municipal sports park open from early morning to late at night. This change of usage to the degree proposed is not right. Not right for the neighbors or for the kind of town Ridgewood has been and should be. This is not about upgrading the facilities. It’s about the civil, legal and common courtesies we want extended to our neighborhood as you would want to yours. Yes, “Play Ball” at night just not when the kids are trying to sleep and because the field is 20 feet away they can’t sleep! Location, location, location. Always feel free to use your name too. Thanks.

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