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Like Lemmings Over a Cliff

Like Lemmings Over a Cliff
Written on November 3, 2012 by Dale Glading in Barack Obama, Election 2012

One of the most advertised and yet under-analyzed themes of this presidential campaign is President Obama’s slogan “Forward”.

It’s been said that Karl Marx used a similar phrase to generate support for his worker’s movement in the 1800’s that resulted in the formation of the Communist Party. Whether Obama and his campaign managers sought to mirror Marx, consciously or unconsciously, is unknown.

However, what we do know is that President Obama is urging voters to support his re-election because “we’ve come too far to turn back now.”

The question is “too far to what?” In what direction are we traveling and what is our ultimate destination? Perhaps more importantly, does the driver have any idea how to operate the vehicle?

Over the past four years, unemployment has hovered above 8% while the federal debt has grown by almost $5 trillion. More Americans are in poverty and on food stamps today – and fewer are gainfully employed – than when Mr. Obama took office.

Despite these troubling trends, the president wants us to give his agenda more time to work. Casting blame on his predecessor, he argues that no one could have cleaned up the economic mess he inherited in just four years…although he promised to do exactly that in 2008.

And so, America stands at a crossroads of sorts. Do we give a man who never ran as much as a lemonade stand in the private sector another term to see if his failed policies will eventually work? Or do we apply the brakes and head in a different direction…even if that direction is reverse?

One thought on “Like Lemmings Over a Cliff

  1. It’s sad.
    Obama is an academic.
    A lightweight who did nothing for 4 years and had the gumption to run again.

    Russia, China and Al Queda are giggling this evening. We have become a 2nd world country.

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