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Longtime Ridgewood Football Coach Chuck Johnson Announces his Resignation

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the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, since 1984 after 44 years, 301 wins and six sectional titles, he is finally calling it quits , longtime Ridgewood football coach Chuck Johnson announced his resignation at the team’s banquet on Sunday.

Johnson missed part of the 2019 season due to a health issue and did not return until 2021 due to concerns about COVID-19. In May of 2020 Ridgewood football coach Chuck Johnson informed the team in that he will not be coaching football in the 2020 season.

In February of 2021, coach Chuck Johnson said he was set to return to the head coach position this fall. Ridgewood Class of 1970, has been reinstated as the head football coach for the Maroons. Johnson, retired as a teacher at Ridgewood in May of 2020 and will now just focus on football .

“The health issues, the pandemic, it changed everything,” Johnson said. “Not being a teacher in the school anymore, I used to walk down the halls and I knew almost everybody’s name and it was always, ‘hi, coach.’ It was like that for 35 years. Now, the kids don’t really know me. I haven’t been a full-time teacher here since October 2019, when I first went in the hospital.”


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11 thoughts on “Longtime Ridgewood Football Coach Chuck Johnson Announces his Resignation

  1. Good for the kids.

  2. my son steve played for chuck in his first year as coach at rhs
    he had a wonderful experience
    and played for the gettysburg college bullets, chuck’s alma mater
    for four more years
    lots of wonderful memories
    thank you chuck
    babs kletter

  3. Thank you for years of dedication to the program and the students. My son loved playing football at RHS.

  4. The girls are definitely happy he’s no longer a teacher.

    1. My eldest daughter loved Chuck, thought he was great.

    2. You are definitely a cowardly cheap shot artist.

  5. Congratulations to Coach. I hope you enjoy your retirement you deserve it. The hours you spent with our kids are times they cherish and will never forget. You were a wonderful football coach

  6. The nasty comments are obviously from newbies here with no respect.
    Do us a favor, move back to NYC with your attitude

  7. Dude was so inappropriate to the girls. Shocked he was allowed to stick around as long as he did.

  8. Babs?
    Babs from Ridgewood….
    How utterly perfect.

    1. Thank you

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