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Lost Hikers Rescued below the Stateline Lookout on the Palisades

file photo courtesy of Closter Ambulance & Rescue Corps
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Closter NJ, at approximately 8:25 PM Monday night, the Closter Ambulance & Rescue Corps along with the Alpine Fire Department were dispatched to assist the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police in locating 2 lost hikers below the Stateline Lookout.

Closter responded with a BLS Ambulance, our Rescue Truck and our Rescue UTV. Upon arrival, an interagency team hiked into the woods / trails and successfully located the parties, while a second interagency team used ATVs/UTVs to access the parties from the Alpine Boat Basin. All parties were successfully extracted to a safe area where they were evaluated and released by BLS.
This should again serve as a reminder while we are blessed with beautiful cliffs and trails in our area, caution should be used when visiting them. Remember to wear proper clothing, carry fully charged phones and stay on marked trails, especially noting signs of the danger that are posted along the way. And of course, thank you to our interagency partners Alpine Fire Department and Palisades Interstate Parkway Police.

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  1. I grew up over there. It’s impossible to get lost. The Hudson is on one side and the Palisades Interstate Parkway on the other.

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