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Mahwah One Step Closer to Getting a New Cellphone Tower


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Mahawh NJ, can you hear me now? After a 17-year quest for cellphone service in northeast Mahwah the Mahwah Planning Board gave its unanimous approval to site plans for a permanent 183-foot transmission tower at Firehouse 3.

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Borough Administrator Ben Kezmarskytold North Jersey Media on Tuesday that the Planning Board is expected to pass a resolution memorializing the vote at its next meeting, May 23, and that “we are still waiting for DEP to complete their review.”

“Once that is finished, AT&T can begin the construction of the permanent tower,” Kezmarsky said.

The infamous Mahwah dead zone extends roughly from Franklin Turnpike along the New York border to West Saddle River Road in neighboring Upper Saddle River.

10 thoughts on “Mahwah One Step Closer to Getting a New Cellphone Tower

  1. It would be great if they built one of these towers in Ridgewood, the cellphone reception isn’t what it once was. The higher elevations in the NW part of the village could be a good spot.

    1. Find a spot in your neighborhood. The recommendation was to always push these down to the “east side”.

    2. Cell towers are sources of cancer especially in highly dense areas with children. Not to mention they’re a huge eyesore. One must be crazy to trade the risk for a little convenience. THINK.

  2. It’s about time that Mahwah is taking care of this major problem. Hey look at the top of Glen Avenue in Monroe Street in ridgewood poor communication in that area to, anyone doing anything about that.

    1. the water tower on glen in midland park is a good location plus the town could get nice rent revenue

  3. The water tower is a great idea, but the water tower in NW Ridgewood is an even better location, obscured by trees at street level, and at a great elevation and location for maximum relay ability.

    1. wrong. the water tower in Midland park is a much higher elevation and would give better service to a larger area.
      Putting a cell tower on the water tower in NW ridgewood would only benefit those on the east side. Nice try tho hahaha

  4. Yes at the top of Glen Avenue and Monroe Street intersection, that location has been horrible for cell phone service from day one. So thumbs up to that. Not thumbs down. Unless if you have a CB. You’re probably better off Having a CB in that location.

  5. The cell reception in Midland Park is actually great. They just got it right when they set up the infrastructure.

    A new relay tower in NW Ridgewood is desperately needed. The utility companies can use eminent domain to purchase a property and bulldoze the house to put up a new cell relay communications tower. The utility company would be better off purchasing a larger lot to help buffer the tower from neighbors. NW has large lots and are at the correct location to support this tower. Thankfully the utility company will get this done quietly and quickly without having to involve approvals from the village. There is an overwhelming demand for a tower at this location, and good cell reception will improve property values.

    1. put the tower on top of travell , somerville or hawes so the BOE can get the revenue for the bloated school budget instead of raising taxes on the long time west siders who already subsidize the newbies in the east side

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