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March For Your Rights Rally to Support Small Business

photo of Morris County Surrogate Heather Darling
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Morristown NJ, on Sunday morning at 10am to 12pm the March For Your Rights peaceful protest was held.  The protests was held for the right  to run your business, go to work and go to school . The message is one of personal responsibility. Organizers asked attendees to please wear your mask and in the Gathering areas as well as along the March route, please wear your masks and practice social distancing to demonstrate that mandates are not required for people to act responsibly.

The lockdowns have affected everyone in some way without regard to age, race, color, creed, gender or political affiliation  and all were welcome. The March was police escorted for safety reasons.
Attorney and Morris County Surrogate Heather Darling spoke before the crowd of protesters; sharing the concerns of many of the small business owners throughout NJ, who are struggling to survive in this state  saying the next shut down, will have a huge economical impact on many small businesses who have nothing left.
Gubnatorial Candidate Jack Ciattarelli said , “Marched this morning with small business owners in Morris County who are fed up with Governor Murphy crushing their ability to make a living, create jobs, and feed their families. At the very least our entrepreneurs deserve clarity, consistency, real explanations, and fairness from their Governor. That would be leadership.”

3 thoughts on “March For Your Rights Rally to Support Small Business

  1. Good posture !

  2. Murphy was too busy eating out with his family without masks. His wife too lazy and privileged to cook. Plus these are not the rallies he attends because his supporters are not interested in jobs.

  3. Murphy did not attend because his supporters are not interested in jobs and do not own small businesses. They actually tear them down.

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