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>Massive Tree Removal Project Underway in Central Business District

80-85% of Trees on Ridgewood Avenue to be Removed and Replaced?

Approximately 80-85% of the trees along Ridgewood Avenue between Maple Avenue and Broad Street now have orange ribbons tied around their trunks.

The Fly believes that these ribbons designate trees scheduled for removal and replacement in conjunction with a “streetscape” project recently approved by Village Council members.

The Fly wonders if Village Council members knew exactly how many trees would be removed before approving the project.

Also, exactly what is the purpose of removing so many trees, and why are taxpayers being asked to foot the entire bill for this initiative?

Shouldn’t property owners along Ridgewood Avenue be assessed for this work and the other streetscape enhancements? If a sidewalk in front of my house should need replacement, I’ll pay for it out of my pocket, correct?


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