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>Mayor David T. Pfund – Sour Grapes over Death of Parking Garage?

>At the conclusion of last night’s Village Council Work Session, Mayor David T. Pfund directed that the resolution which will cancel a $3 million bond intended to partially fund construction of the now defunct parking garage project be removed from the list of resolutions scheduled to be approved by a “single vote – consent agenda” process during next week’s Village Council Public Meeting. By doing this, the Mayor has signaled his intention to vote “no” on the resolution.

What’s the matter Dave? Pissed off that you didn’t get your way? You requested a unanimous “yes” vote to approve the project; why can’t you suck it up and show a unified Council front now that the project is officially dead?

Give it a rest Mr. Mayor. Despite the last minute public plea made by your pal Mr. Jacques Harlow, the garage is now history! It’s over Dave; let it go. Be a man about it.

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