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Microsoft next Windows 11 Update to Reinstall “Mr. Clippy”

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Ridgewood NJ, Microsoft will add redesigned emoji in the next Windows 11 update. The new emoji match up better with Apple’s, Google’s, and Samsung’s designs. There are a few Microsoft-specific touches, such as a “Mr. Clippy” design for the paperclip emoji. The update is optional for now. It will be installed automatically for users next month. Windows 10 users will not be getting the new emoji designs.

Microsoft Bob  and its suite of animated assistants was released in 1995. There was no manual provided; all learning happened within the program. The default character was a cheerful yellow dog named Rover (“Easy to work with, friendly, helpful. Tries to be your best friend”); other options included a rat named Scuzz (“Couldn’t care less about you. Seldom offers help”). But despite the hype, the program tanked. Tech journalists tore it apart, deriding it for infantilizing new computer users. It was quickly eclipsed by Windows 95, released just seven months later, and discontinued by 1996.

Personally launched by Bill Gates in 1995, Microsoft Bob was supposed to revolutionize home computing by making software friendlier for first-time users. Instead of the menu- and text-heavy interfaces that had come before, the program transformed the desktop into the virtual interior of a home. To navigate between different applications, users clicked on familiar household objects: a pencil and paper for word processing, an envelope for email, or a checkbook for electronic payments.

Even though Microsoft Bob  was cut from the program . Mr Clippy persevered . Mr. Clippy or Clippy  the unofficial name for the bouncing, sentient paper clip introduced by Microsoft in 1996 in a bid to help people hone their word processing skills. When Microsoft Office software users began writing a letter by typing “Dear,” for example, out would pop Clippy with an unsolicited offer to help.

The first time this happened, users may have been amused. But as they grew more proficient, Clippy would redouble his efforts to interrupt, his roving eyes scanning documents in what felt like a gross invasion of privacy. In no time at all, he would be the subject of scorn and ridicule, an ever-present voyeur into your home computer navigation.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft next Windows 11 Update to Reinstall “Mr. Clippy”

  1. Oh no…make it stop !

  2. Very Cool.
    Very nostalgic !
    (but I thought the name was “ClippIt”)

    Are they also bringing back the other assistants?

    F1 (the Robot)
    Links (the cat)
    The Genius (looks like Einstein)
    Will (Shkespeare)
    …and my favorite:
    Rocky (the dog)

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