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Middle school curriculum revised in Ridgewood

Middle school curriculum revised in Ridgewood
Monday February 18, 2013, 1:04 PM
The Ridgewood News

Ridgewood school district administrators are addressing a district-wide dip in language arts test scores after elementary school.

In the next school year, the sixth grade middle school curricular offerings will be slightly revised in an attempt to improve language arts literacy.

There is a new requirement that all sixth-grade students take four quarter-year English courses in addition to their year-long core English class. To accommodate the requirement, administrators are deferring students’ ability to choose elective courses until grades 7 and 8. They have also removed a sixth grade, quarter-year “Technology Literacy” class.

2 thoughts on “Middle school curriculum revised in Ridgewood

  1. How about the requiring more demanding reading list and spending less time in gym and other frivolous activities during the week, with more time on writing, as well. For that matter, the elementary school reading list is also very weak. Students need to be pushed to challenge themselves beyond their comfort zones. The “Ridgewood Way” has become mediocrity and many teachers are not being held accountable.

  2. Did they ever get rid of everyday math? That was the worst.

    My son did much better in soph algebra because the hs has a textbook and good teachers.

    Ever wonder why the school does not release the grades for the students who took the nj state algebra test? I asked twice but they keep forgetting to send it. 8th grade math was supposed to take the place of freshman algebra. What a mistake.

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