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More Questions Raised About Saddle River Housing Project on Rosie O’Donnell Estate

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Saddle River NJ, the property formerly known as the Rosey O’Donnell estate in Saddle River and now the site of a proposed 60-unit East Allendale Road townhouse project once again became the center of discussions that stretched on to three hours Wednesday as borough officials and residents raised further questions and new topics about its development.

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The primary issues raised at the April hearing were reconfiguration of the 17-foot retaining wall, snow storage and landscaping. But, questions on Wednesday night quickly branched off into the height and landscaping of other retention walls on the site, handicapped parking placement, installation of hookups for electric vehicles, lattice screening dividers and the absence of recreational space.

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Apparently someone tipped off the taxpayers that any mess left by the development will be dumped on them to clean up and residents as well as public officials are starting to ask for more detailed planning . Taxpayers seem to be getting more vocal in their opposition to poorly planned development and are no longer satisfied that problems are created by “climate change” .

Residents realize that these developments have an enormous impact on the quality of life , as well as economic and environmental impact on the borough and the neighbors.

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  1. Dirty deal going on.

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