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Murphy Adds Property Tax Surcharge onto Borrowing Binge Bill 

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Trenton NJ, according to Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger from Red Bank tagged on to Governor Murphy”s borrowing binge is a surcharge on property tax bills:

In a Facebook post Scharfenberger explained ,”Just when you thought you heard everything, bill A-4175, on schedule for a vote this Thursday, would allow the state to borrow five billion dollars without voter approval that would add a statewide surcharge to everyone’s property tax bill. This, on top of the recent toll hikes, is a double kick in the gut to the New Jersey taxpayer. While the governor keeps business in perpetual lockdown, Trenton is looking for ways to raise money through more egregious taxation. This is outrageous, and shows why it is imperative that we reopen the state now! “

61 thoughts on “Murphy Adds Property Tax Surcharge onto Borrowing Binge Bill 

  1. This POS needs to get out of our state !.
    I refuse to pay a fine more ony taxes!!! …🤡

  2. Raise property taxes? You gotta be kidding! Paying too much already! Murphy has to go for sure!

  3. Have you seen a single cut by this Village Council to the Village budget? The Ridgewood Water budget? The Northwest Bergen County Central Dispatch budget?

    In fact, have you seen the 2020 budget presentation anywhere on the Village website?

  4. How about Murphy stop walking hand and hand with the unions ! In 2019 from May through September $568,000,000.00 was wasted because they keep passing bills that make all jobs more than $5 million be Be Union only. Non union companies who pay $504 for their public works certificate, $5000 into an ERISA fund to comply with the apprentice law and $1350 to join an organization to be able to participate in their apprenticeship program. When their efforts failed because they thought all work was going to be union because they are the only ones that had the approved apprenticeship program. That is when they snuck the all jobs over $5 million must have Public Labor Agreements… automatically union jobs! I guess the right to work doesn’t pertain in this state! It is estimated that almost $2 billion will be wasted over the course of 2 years… this is our taxpayers money!!! Look at the 295 tunnels expansion project … all union and if there are 100 people onsite 80 are on their phones . Check how far over budget they are! It is more than $2 billion now! Check how much was paid in the Meadowlands just for new roads at the huge American Dreams development… it is absurd! Example AC expressway takes them a month to pave 2 miles then look at the Black Horse pike … non union they paved 4 lanes 3 miles in 3 days! All your tax money. They work at night … night differential pay Daturdays 11/2 times and Sundays double time . So much money is being wasted … do the research. They regularly pass new taxes without anyone knowing about it. I got a call from the cigarette company asking me if I am okay with another $1.65 per pack tax… this after he made it illegal to offer discounts and even banned cigarette companies from mailing coupons too! This was not reported on, they snuck it through! It was effective immediately . He raised the gas tax 23 cents per gallon then came back and said it isn’t generating enough money for the highly inflated costs for road construction! Another 4.8 cents per gallon but he cut the sales tax to make up for it. Gas in North Dakota is 74 cents per gallon… we pay 88.4 cents PER GALLON in taxes!!!! Highest real estate taxes and now it is going to be higher and him wants to put an automatic surcharge on the real estate taxes! They are requiring all State policeman to write a ticket every 20 minutes and they are putting 50 more officers on…if you don’t have all of your documents… fines $170… not now he raised it to $600!!!! Going to stop people for going 5 mph over the speed limit, cell phone $600… it is becoming impossible to live in this state

  5. Any idiot ( democrat) of course bec they’re the only idiots who support defunding the police who want to defund then, should never call one when needed. And as for tax and spend Murphy, again what do you expect from the socialist democrat Party. Unfort New Jersey is a dumb liberal voting block including pink wood aka ridgewood now.

  6. It’s time this mother fucker Goes. New Jersey has always been Over Taxed, Over Priced and had majority of their population living paycheck to paycheck with no room for error paying bills. Now this Jerk Off is going to Raise MORE Property taxes? So My $7,500/Year isn’t enough anymore for my 80X100 Lot??? Please All Do Notice #ShitBagMurphy hasn’t Given any Percentages or said how this will work?!?! That’s Because #ShitBagMurphy is doing EVERYTHING in His Power to Bankrupt New Jermany and It’s people. If he doesn’t step down soon I Really Hope He’s thrown out on his Ass For fucking us so hard. Fucking SCUM…..BAG……..

  7. We need to vote him out

  8. We the people need to vote him out of office and demand change

  9. New Jersey is already bankrupt. This is so he can send out defined benefit pension checks and pay healthcare bills to buy his votes from the teachers, police & firefighters. NJ is run by unions. All they care about is getting their fat checks cut as they decline by the pool in Florida. They don’t care about property taxes in NJ!

  10. Murphy you have money you’re rich and rich people don’t care about people like me and all the other taxpayers who are getting it up the wazoo oh I am so tempted to leave the state because of people like you I’m trying to make a living with only one income in my house between car insurance property taxes sales tax toll hikes it’s out of hand

  11. So tax only home owners. That’s bullshit. Tax everyone. Instead of taxes make cuts. Stop the money train to illegals . Everyone needs to pay a share.

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