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Murphy Administration Clears Furloughs for N.J. Public Employees

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Murphy’s administration announced on Thursday policy changes that would allow New Jersey government workers to take voluntary furloughs to avert layoffs as state tax collections plummet.

Facing a $10 billion budget shortfall , the Governor  has warned of “historic” layoffs of public workers at all levels of government if the state does not borrow big sums or receive more aid from the federal government.

The state’s Civil Service Commission on Thursday evening said rules governing an existing voluntary furlough program have been relaxed to allow the state and local government employers to offer employees voluntary furloughs to avoid layoffs while maintaining their seniority and health benefits:

Voluntary Furlough (State & Local)

This program enables employees to take up to 90 unpaid days off each calendar year while continuing to earn leave time and seniority.

Employees need the approval of their agency in order to participate in the program. Furlough may consist of shorter work days, intermittent days off, or consecutive days off. It may NOT be used as a replacement for sick leave or disability leave, or to seek or engage in alternate employment.

The approval of the CSC Chair is required for Local agencies seeking to implement a voluntary furlough program.  Employees should contact their Human Resource Officer for more information.

The voluntary furlough program is different from a job-sharing plan pushed by state Senate President Stephen Sweeney, D-Gloucester, to cut some public workers’ hours and pay while allowing state and federal unemployment benefits to supplement their income.

Sweeney’s proposal (A4132) got big support from the state Legislature last week.

24 thoughts on “Murphy Administration Clears Furloughs for N.J. Public Employees

  1. At all levels, I’ll believe it when I see it. Especially upper management, supervision, police, fire, they always go after the little guy.

  2. The shits going to hit the fan in Village Hall because they’re going to say all they need I know they don’t need full-time. You watch their going to cut 30% or make people do multiple jobs two days this Dept one day that Dept one day picking up litter. They can do that can’t today. So the only thing I can say is have multiple uniforms.

  3. Under civil service guidelines. All supervisors are working foreman. They all should be working, and I mean getting their hands dirty. Not hiding riding around in a s u v ,and conditioning . We will be conducting this investigation For the council and mayor.

  4. Eagle eye when your set your mother’s basement on fire smoking your weed or you having a heart attack call the DPW or the Parks Dept.

  5. I guy digging 4 guys hold up shovels ,watching. Sound like essential workers to me.

  6. Hey Eagle eye, maybe you can get your union rep. to fight for you. He did such a good job when he work for the Police Dept

  7. oh yes translation please. “they’re going to say all they need I know they don’t need full-time.”

  8. This is all great news. It seems that someone has push the buttons and hit a nerve that certain individuals don’t like. It’s funny in Waldwick the Dpw response to 98% of all the calls fire, EMT, and they do a fantastic job like always. And on top of that they respond to a few neighboring towns and do a great job. So go piss up a rope.

  9. Yes everyone gets furloughed. No one is above the law. If they think they are there in a dream. Unless they’re drinking again.

  10. Unfortunately some people are dreaming that they can I get for a load. Every department and every step can get for a load that’s the life. No one is above the law. Unless you’re doing something sneaky. Or you’re drinking again. If so the rehab is open right. Right. Did I mention right

  11. Clearly the sanitation and healthcare workers are the definition of essential.

    Police, fire and the Village? Not so much.

  12. All I know as a building Owner I’m calling the fire appointment to inspect my roof to make sure all my shingles are nice and tight.

  13. It’s amazing that certain individuals reading and following this . I love that Village of Ridgewood is losing control over media. Send a response to who I’m going to call of them have an old attacked obvious he’s not gonna be you. I’ll be more than happy to call my Dpw they respond to all the calls in my town. So I don’t know what you’re trying to get it but you sound real stupid. Obviously you have a chip on your shoulder lose it immediately before you’re squashed politically. Don’t think you’re above the law I know who you are. Go back to work

  14. The village lost control of all media. Back in the 80s they had full control of all local media. The record, developed on times, Ridgewood knows, the town journal, and any other Gregg newspapers that were out there they had full control. They slept in the same bedroom with real estate agents, Board of Education, the women’s club, and a few other controlled groups throughout the village. Those days are over. Now we have social media, And at the end of the day they can’t stand it because they can’t control it. People have voices and opinions it doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong this is America and you have your right to freedom of speech if you don’t like it move to Canada end of the story. Yes we still have a little dirty business going on but we see what’s going on there not that smart dislike. In the end it all comes out, we know who’s bullshitting and who’s not. So when the new mayor and council and members of the board of education they charge this year let’s see what happens.

  15. Yes talk about being slick. Just like when they have a closed-door sessions, HUM, HUM, more dirty business going on.

  16. On the subject of supervision. Yes they are all on Classified as working foreman. So what that means is they should be working alongside of the crews that they supervise. And that’s an all capacities. They fail to do so then we have a social service working condition problem. The law is the law.

  17. “Eyeball in the sky” Stop drinking and posting. It’s hard to read.

  18. “social service ” Let me translate “civil service “

  19. This is great stuff, happy memorial day everyone and all gods way.

  20. Well then read between the lines nobody cares about you. We all know who you are. Stop complaining. And open the windows in your basement apartment.

  21. We read between the lines, nobody cares about you. We know who you are. You need to open up your windows in your basement apartment right.

  22. Good lord the Ebonics union blather is quite difficult to decode….say again?
    English this time?
    Do you know how to speak English?

  23. James, it would be very informative if you post the base salaries AND actual earnings, including overtime, ”outside work” *such as PD PSEG jobs etc. If the village refuses, the get a FOI request and POST the names and $$. It would be a big eye opener if the residents saw what we pay all these employees who consider themselves heros and essential. Most would be easily replaceable with private contractors at a lower cost. The unions in NJ have the taxpayers cajones in a vice.
    When the taxpayers see how a non-skilled worker gets overcompensated, along with the details of platinum health care benefits and generous retirement pay, the tune will change. This post was prompted by reading ”we deserve a raise because Ridgewood can afford it”.. REALLY??? you just opended the proverbial pandoras box here.
    DO IT JAMES…. your blog will get picked up by every ‘fake news” that REFUSES to print it… they will have no choice. Then do the same for the state workers. I”d love to see what the brainless do-nothing NJ Dept of transportation workers get paid to ride around with 6 guys in a truck… or one working a shovel while 5 watch… as the potholes dont get fixed and the dead deeer dont get picked up

  24. Can mr get for a load please translate

    In english this time

    Load we know .Help us understand the rest of you deep comment

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