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Murphy Administration Remains “Stuck of Stupid” on Unachievable Mandates for Electric Vehicles


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River Vale NJ, Senator Holly Schepisi (R-39) released the following statement after news broke of Connecticut’s Governor withdrawing his plan to mandate future electric vehicle purchases by 2035 after bi-partisan pushback from Connecticut’s Legislative Regulation Review Committee.

“While other Democrat governors come to their senses regarding unachievable mandates for electric vehicles, Governor Murphy continues to push his agenda to make New Jersey the California of the East Coast,” said Schepisi. “Instead of mandating policies that will inevitably hurt working and middle-class New Jerseyans, we need to make their lives easier. These policies are being implemented without regard for the capacity of our electric grid, the cost of improvements that will be required, or how the average family will afford the significant costs associated. That’s why I’m joining the call to establish the Government Efficiency and Regulatory Commission to reign in the Governor’s ever-increasing regulations being implemented through unelected boards and commissions.”

In 2021, Gov. Murphy vetoed bipartisan legislation that would have established a nine-member Government Efficiency and Regulatory Review Commission. A4810 passed the Senate, 35-0, and the Assembly 72-1.

The legislation was reintroduced in 2022 with bipartisan sponsors. You can view the full text of S1455 here.


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5 thoughts on “Murphy Administration Remains “Stuck of Stupid” on Unachievable Mandates for Electric Vehicles

  1. Murphy; “Let them eat cake”

    1. Tammy will make it all better, she’s been pre-vetted……………….

      Everyone will want her.

      or else…………………………………

  2. This is backfiring already

  3. He needs to understand, we are JERSEY and no one wants to be like California. Can only pray he realizes it can’t be done. Kudos to the CT governor for recognizing it, why can’t he?

  4. Better build large parking lots at charging stations to que up EV waiting to charge up. Takes 30- 50 minutes to get full charge in EV. I can gas up in less than 5 minutes! This is going to be a chaotic mess! Thank you King Murphy!

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