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>Navy Seals Project Package 2011 -Harley Davidson, Rochelle Park

>Navy Seals Project Package 2011 –Harley Davidson, Rochelle Park  

Harley Davidson of Rochelle Park is spearheading supporting Navy Seals with Project Package 2011.   Harley Davidson is again demonstrating what patriotism is and how to show our appreciation for the Navy Seals.

Please stop by Harley Davidson, 124 Essex Street, Rochelle Park, NJ and pick up your box with the list of articles needed and return the box to them by November 26.  There will be a packing party on November 26.

Bring it back unsealed and of course you can include a note that states how proud you are of them and that you are supporting them as a tea party activist at home.  Harley Davidson will be taking care of the postage and shipping.

All details are on the flyer:
In Liberty,

NJ Tea Party Coalition

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