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New Jersey Motion Picture & Television Commission Making an Educational Public Service Program

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Northern New Jersey Film People is about to move into new territory. They are going to be making an educational public service program. It will be a 15 or 20-minute video that will teach people about the best way to do a multi-camera shoot.

Set to Go will be providing the location and sets. They will be shooting sometime soon, probably over two days, most likely weekend days sometime in May or June. This will be a program for people at all levels of expertise in the production world.
They need some help. They are looking for members of the group who would like to volunteer for various roles in the production. They are all doing this for free, and they be posting the video online for the benefit of the production world.
They are looking for help with graphics and animation, (the picture below should tell you why we need help in that area!) as well as someone to be our primary Director of Photography. They will need several PA’s, a couple of camera operators, makeup, a teleprompter operator, a sound recordist, two actors, and a few people for non-speaking on-camera roles.
If you’re interested, send a note at Be sure to include your phone number and what your skills are. Students and beginners are welcome, as are those with decades of experience.
Beginners will learn a lot, and the veterans will have a chance to make a key contribution and spread their knowledge to the newbies – a win/win.
Once they have a few volunteers we’ll set up some phone/Zoom conversations to figure out where we can put everyone to best use.
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