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NEW JERSEY RESCUE accused from buying pups from Puppy Mill

NEW JERSEY RESCUE accused from buying pups from Puppy Mill

February 13,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Tenafly NJ, the group Reformers – Advocates for Animal Shelter Change in NJ exposes a NEW JERSEY RESCUE for buying PUPPIES from JUST PUPS OWNER VINCENT LOSACCO!!!!

from their facebook page Reformers – Advocates for Animal Shelter Change in NJ:

It seems that a certain person from a local PETRESQ, mainly the owner and one cronie, can not keep her nose out of business that isn’t hers, and is inserting herself into the Just Pups situation that occurred the other night in East Hanover even though she was no where in site.

For those of you that are unaware she has been dealing with Vinny LaSocco for years, buying puppies from him. YES!!!! That’s right, SHE BUYS PUPPIES FROM HIM, through his BROKERS BUSINESS called Canine Commerce that is incorporated in Delaware.

The other night when the NJSPCA called in Husky House to come help with the situation in East Hanover at Just Pups, the owner of a North Jersey PETRESQ was all over the internet having a hissy fit that she didn’t get to sneak puppies out, again, under cover of darkness like she did in East Brunswick when the State of New Jersey quarantined those puppies.

She also called the Daily Voice newspaper Thursday night when this happened and inserted herself again, telling the newspaper that Husky House paid $475.00 per dog, which was a complete and total lie. The reporter retracted the story and wrote a new piece. NO MONEY EXCHANGED HANDS AND NO MONEY WILL EVER EXCHANGE HANDS, as Lorraine Healy of Husky House will never support a puppy mill by purchasing a puppy.

However, with that being said, the owner of this North Jersey PETRESQ does in fact pay Vinny LoSacco for puppies, and has been doing so for nearly 3 years now. AND WE HAVE THE PROOF!!! Look at the “memo” section of the check where she clearly writes “puppies”!

The owner of PetResq is telling people (as you will see in the screenshot below) that Lorraine Healy has been taking puppies from Vincent LoSacco for years. Husky House has taken a few puppies that the ONWER OF PETRESQ asked her to take because the puppies were too big. In total Husky House took approx. 6 dogs, and again NO MONEY EXCHANGED HANDS.

Vinny LoSacco has admitted that the owner of this North Jersey PETREQ has in fact, and I quote, “made tens of thousands of dollars off me”, and he believes it may even be into the hundreds of thousands. She has paid him $200 per dog and then sells them for 7 or 8 hundred dollars. THIS MY FRIENDS IS NOT RESCUE!! This is supporting the proliferation of PUPPY MILLS!!! This is puppy flipping….this is NOT rescue….

Don’t believe me?? That’s fine!!! The proof is below!!! Enjoy!!

This is just another liar and “looser”!!! (Yes, I know I spelt it wrong it’s an inside joke to the REFORMERS).

4 thoughts on “NEW JERSEY RESCUE accused from buying pups from Puppy Mill

  1. This is the exactly what is wrong with news these days. Partial stories & never the truth just enough to stir up drama.
    Why don’t u ask petresq to show u the medical bills on those dogs.
    Put those pictures up

  2. Just an extreme vendetta and Fake news…. Reporter misread the facts she was given and has since refused to retract….Also, said Journalist refused to hear other side and was just sharing an accusation…..Sad that people have nothing better to do and have an agenda…. You will also notice that the Daily Voice does NOT publish letters to the editor why is that? Why would the DV post or publish anything from an area they do not cover? Reporter was upset that she was corrected and has since refused to reply or defend herself suspicious????

    You only share “happy stories” frankly I find that to be a false statement. It would be understandable how you would receive a lot of negative attention on your story. As far as what happened with the attention you received it would seem to me people were stooping to your level. The only true statement was you quitting journalism. I think that in your best interest to become a good journalist, a story should be thoroughly investigated, or you could always send your resume to CNN or fox.What you truly believe might need to be tweeked a LOT. Your accusation that money was spent to purchase pups from a pet store is not rescue. How many national puppy mill rescues would have spent thousand more trying to accomplish the same thing. If you are a true animal advocate you should have all your facts and interviews with the so called accused of this issue. Perhaps you need to change your platform. These auctions need to stop. The only way to stop them is legislation. And this means public awareness and contacting your representative and expressing your opinion. You have the ability to get people involved and educate many on the reality which is these auctions DO exist now. Getting these dogs out of the breeding cycle is preventing all the offspring ending up in stores and potentially rescues. We need to use our collective voices to change the laws and this is what will change the frequency of the auctions. Reality is that someone was getting these dogs this weekend…and the rescues that stepped in did what they could. They got these dogs out….we have much more work to do…so much.

  3. via @trentonian
    So this Blog report is copied and pasted from the Daily Voice whose reporter stated she investigated
    Not a great job if you ask me

  4. Well hear is my story. Nothing to gain but to tell the truth of how Lorraine Healy fabricates the truth and make false allegation against innocent families then take my dog that I adopted and owned and loved for 5 1/2 years without my knowledge then lies again and resells my dog. I did everything possible to follow the correct chain of command. I didnt use social media to exploit my story I left it up to the law and I got burned all because Lorraine Healy made up lie after lie after lie and continued to say it’s a civil matter I was in breach of my contract. A contract that I never signed nor did she. No where was it explained that after I bought my dog from her in 2012 that over 5 years later she took my dog. Then lied and said she didnt know I wanted it back because she never heard from me. Unbelievable that this woman isnt in prison for dog flipping. I did everything possible for over 7 months even filed a civil lawsuit with money I really didnt have since my child just started college. Lorraine thinks this is a game. That was my baby I loved her so much and she was ripped from our lives because Lorraine thinks she is a dog God. She needs to Investigated by someone in the state department because very unethical issues are happening the between her and other animal establishments. I would be happy to tell my story and provide evidence to support everything I am saying and to prove her accusations false.

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