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Newly Declassified Documents Shed Light on Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, National Intelligence Director John Ratcliff just declassified information revealing that the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was Hillary Clinton’s plan to fabricate a Trump scandal and take eyes off of her e-mail server scandal.

These newly declassified documents this week have only served to confirm US intelligence agencies were weaponized by President Obama and his senior leaders.

8 thoughts on “Newly Declassified Documents Shed Light on Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax

  1. This is good but there has been 4 years now of heavy msm coverage of Russian collusion. So much so that many people are now utterly convinced it’s fact.

  2. Listen the whole system is about lying. But certain groups lie more than others. If you pay attention you’ll find out exactly what’s going on.

  3. Believe me you better vote for Trump in 2020. Yes the guys a little wacky we know that. But if you care about the safety of your family, the Konomi, in the future of the United States, you will vote for Trump. In the end he gives a shit. Just remember he doesn’t need any clothes session meetings, back door meetings deals, payoffs, he has enough money. He’s not like the others looking for a handout what are you gonna do for me. You look at the Clintons, the Obamas, I’m sorry they were empty suits in the White House they made more money after they got out and that’s no bullshit. Just remember if Donald Trump doesn’t win oh my God, run for the hills. I don’t like a guy like him Because now he knows all the sneaky deals that have been going on. Remember he was on the other side of the fence.

  4. “Newly Declassified Documents Shed Light on Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax”
    Yeah, but is anyone going to jail?

  5. No one‘s going to jail no one‘s gonna be charged for it. Because FBI CIA was working for the Clintons. They will be taken care of somehow someway end of story. They have the power for information. What do you think people don’t blackmail yeah OK. It’s still going on. And I’m about to use it on a few individual , They should be scared.

  6. Listen people sometimes in life You need to vote for someone not because you like them or not. You may agree or disagree in the candidate. But we have to do what’s good for the country. Which is,
    The safety of this country.
    Economy of this country.
    The future of this country.
    And the bottom line is Donald Trump loves this country. He doesn’t need any backdoor deals, secret meetings, payoffs, kickbacks, deals for the future for him, he has plenty of money. And everybody else knows it. And they can’t stand it. Remember he’s the monkey wrench in the gearbox. The system is so fucking dirty. Even with trump in office 4 more years will not clean it all up.

  7. How do you appear before the Committee and not wash your hair…?

  8. Is 2021 doesn’t find Trump in charge of America
    Best bend over and kiss your Arse goodbye
    I plan to..
    Trump is all for America and what America stands for .. land of the free and the brave
    All others are wannabes and losers
    In short of 3 years he had more jobs and more employed than ever in our history.. 155 million.. January 2020
    Funny how Bill Maher said the only way to bring Trump down was crash the economy…
    Strange how covid did exactly that.. never before have we used a lock down for such a weak virus .. even with tb Spanish flu swine fly bird flu polio measles and Zeke.. no one ever did a lock down.. no one ever forced masks or distancing .. SO WHY NOW?

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