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NJ Motor Vehicle Commission 6 point ID verification standards for New Jersey citizens waived for “undocumented immigrants”


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Lodi NJ, starting Saturday, May 1, “undocumented immigrants” will be able to apply for New Jersey’s standard license, which is different from REAL IDs, that are issued to lawful residents and are required to access federal buildings or fly commercially without a passport.

The Ridgewood blog has uncovered NJ Motor Vehicle Commission 6 point ID verification standards for New Jersey citizens have been waived.

According to the MVC website , “The 6 Points of ID Verification was designed to help prevent identity theft by ensuring that licenses are only issued with proper legal documents and verification. This requires you to prepare information prior to visiting a motor vehicle agency to conduct a transaction and may result in special document requests from other state agencies.”

Some examples of accepted ID from “undocumented immigrants” are expired foreign passports , and expired out of state drivers licenses .

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16 thoughts on “NJ Motor Vehicle Commission 6 point ID verification standards for New Jersey citizens waived for “undocumented immigrants”

  1. I mistakenly believed that the MVC was part of the taxpayer funded state services. Welcome to the Banana Republic of New Jersey!

  2. When does it reach a breaking point?

  3. Of course… just another step to get ‘undocumented democrats’ on the voters rolls.
    disgusting state this is

  4. Now I am completely documented United States citizen born here I have to show six points, and they don’t somethings wrong

  5. Thats what it says ! whats wrong with this picture ?

  6. Something is very wrong DMV issued our licence but wont except it as ID when renewing it without 6 points…. yet come a get a hand you one if undocumented is just fine !
    Im sorry to say but unless people wake up this state/country in going down the tubes !

  7. From an identity theft standpoint this make absolutely no sense. Once someone gets a driver’s license with their picture instead of yours, it will open a world of possibilities to steal/ruin the credit history of the victim. This is bad news for honest people. I had some idiot apply for unemployment in another State under my name and with an old address. That I can tell, they got an EBT card and a first round of funding by providing next to no information and obviously nothing really have been that vetted by that State’s unemployment office. Supposedly I was a bartender at some bar that of course no longer existed. And I got stuck with ton of work to clean up the mess after to protect myself. (Plus now I pay for credit monitoring to stay on top of things). I don’t think this is going to make people who don’t buy car insurance suddenly do so now either.

  8. This is the kind of crap that lost Dems the election in 2016. However, now that they have perfected the art of cheating, they no longer have this problem.

  9. New jersey motor vehicle is run like a Third World country. Total chaos, extremely on organized, extremely filthy inside, employees look like they’re completely burnt out. And we totally understand why. What a shame. Your walk inside motor vehicle in Lodi, Wayne, and a few others it looks like Immigration. I’m sorry to say the Mexican border is actually cleaner. And yes I can say that because I went through.

  10. I’m now Trans-citizen.

    I’m an undocumented immigrant born in a USA Citizens body.

  11. I love it, that is funny. People what the hell is happening to us. We’re being invaded. Now that the government is admitting there are UFOs, I guess they’re here now, they are annoying us. Just amazing.

  12. The inmates are running the asylum

  13. Unbelievable!! My daughter passed her drive test in April and still can’t get an appointment to get driver license and she has 6 points and she was born here. How about taken care of our citizens first?
    This is a perfect example of laws / rules being adjusted for a certain group of people. So, now they are being rewarded for breaking the law. WOW

  14. It’s a nice idea but it should be done only when every legal State resident and all Citizens have been processed on anything and everything now outstanding at MVS.
    People carrying expired U.S. passports and Driver’s licenses issued here and one other document to prove residence, should be processed for REAL ID driver ‘s licenses.

  15. NJ is turning into California at a high rate speed. If we don’t stop with this madness say goodbye to NJ. We need to vote out all these democrat politicians that do nothing but ruin our state and our country. NJ is no unaffordable to our children and most people. VOTE REPUBLICAN 🇺🇸

  16. they need to start now so there will be enough Democrat voters

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