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NJ Senate bill would ease sales of water utilities


NJ Senate bill would ease sales of water utilities

NOVEMBER 29, 2014, 11:50 PM    LAST UPDATED: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2014, 11:54 PM

As some New Jersey towns weigh whether to sell off their aging, burdensome drinking-water systems to for-profit water companies, a controversial bill making its way through the state Senate would speed up such sales by stripping away a mandatory public vote on the deals.

Proponents say the bill would make it easier for towns to sell their water and sewer systems and escape costly regulation and infrastructure upgrades — a decision recently weighed by several North Jersey towns, including Ramsey and Allendale.

Critics, however, say the Water Infrastructure Protection Act would cut the public out of the process and could lead to water rate hikes. There is also a concern about selling off a natural resource.

For the 200 small publicly owned water systems in the state — 20 or so in Bergen and Passaic counties — the sharp debate over the bill comes at a time when municipalities, struggling to keep up with more stringent drinking water regulations and facing old water mains, weigh whether to get out of the water business. For-profit water companies are interested in buying the municipal systems to continue their own growth.

Sen. Paul Sarlo, D-Wood-Ridge, and a prime sponsor of the measure, believes “no town should be in the public water supply business.”

10 thoughts on “NJ Senate bill would ease sales of water utilities

  1. Time for Ridgewood Water to go.

  2. yea and the rate will go up, the taste will be like pool water, and then what. yes the town of ridgewood will have 40 mill in the bank , and no power.

  3. and the “water ” tastes “good” now ???

  4. Wait till the law suit get done. You’ll wish that they sold it #2

  5. to # 2 , thats all bull shit. in the end the village own,s the water com, why would i wish for such a bad deal, you soud like like a real ass,’/./ . if you have ridgewood water it;s good. I don;t like untied water , it taste like pool water and every one tell,s me it,s pricy.

    if that happens I will put in my own well. how u like that # 2,

  6. Must be a Ridgewood water employee

  7. Yes, #3, Ridgewood water does, and always has, tasted great!
    So much better than United’s chlorine pool water.

  8. nope I work for you, the state police. made a call to get a price to have well done on my land, ha,ha seeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaa.

  9. hey the word down at the state building is that mr frank moritz may leave his post in the spring of 2015.

  10. that’s the scoop we got.

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