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>NJ SOS-Ballot Hearing- Judge Masin

NJ SOS-Ballot Hearing- Judge Masin

Attn: Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno
Re: Ballot Challenge- Purpora v Obama
Date: April 12, 2012
From: Dwight Kehoe

Dear Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno,
First let me introduce myself to you. Although we have met several times at campaign stops, those introductions were but a handshake and a hello.
I am and have been active in several Tea Party groups here in NJ and when with the Bayshore Tea Party we worked feverishly to help win the election for you and Governor Christie.  I also run and edit the Tea Party coordination and information website,

The reason I am writing is because it will be you who decides if the administrative court hearing this past week in Judge Jeff Masin’s court room, was valid and should be upheld.  I write this not knowing if it is too late and your decision has already been handed down.

First I would like to ask why, so many times in court rooms across this country, judges and justices, can’t make a ruling based on the intent of the law as opposed to verbal gymnastics and merciless twisting of the objective and purpose of the statutes?

My point is that the people have become so disenchanted with the legal process and no longer feel they can depend on the laws to protect them against high priced word jockeys.

The ballot case which challenged Mr. Obama’s credentials and eligibility to be on a New Jersey ballot and hence, serve as President of the United States was brought for two main reasons.  Both the State of NJ and the Federal Government wrote laws with the intent of maintaining the integrity of the election process. Why can’t one honest judge or Secretary of State make a ruling based on the intent and reason for those laws?  Why write them, why vote on them if there is no effort to enforce them?

Here are the points:

1. Mr. Obama has shown no credible evidence of where he was born.  When his petition was challenged, its very clear the intent of NJ Title 19 requires that a candidate prove his identity and qualifications.

2. John Jay, the first leader of the US Supreme court contacted George Washington and asked that the special provision of Natural born citizen be include in Article II.  He did that for the purpose and intent of the term used in that time and which persists today except in court rooms where manipulation of the law is allowed.

So far there has not been one individual of authority, in any party or any position, who has shown the backbone and courage to make a ruling based on the intent of the law and the reason it was written.

For the sake of the future I pray that you will take the meaning of the laws and ignore the manipulations and rule appropriately.

Warm regards,
Dwight Kehoe
Little Silver, NJ

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