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NJ State Board of Education Mandates Force Creepy Sex Ed on School Districts

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Trenton NJ, Senator Holly Schepisi (R-39) responded to the State Board of Education’s refusal to reconsider or delay controversial new sex education standards that school districts have been mandated to enact through their curricula this fall:

“The Acting Commissioner of Education and certain State Board of Education members are being completely disingenuous when they say there’s no issue and it’s up to school districts to decide how to teach sex education. As they are well aware when they passed the new mandates under the cover of COVID in June 2020, their own resolution states that every school district SHALL adopt in full the standards they set forth. School districts do not have a real choice on sex education as evidenced by the curriculum mandates imposed on them by unelected bureaucrats in Trenton.

“This occurred with no transparency and well before educators, parents and local school boards had a say. From the outreach we’ve gotten from superintendents, teachers, board of education members and parents, it’s clear they feel completely blindsided by the new requirements that have been forced upon their districts with little to no guidance other than inappropriate links on the State’s website.

“The State Board of Education is far from a model of transparency or accessibility and that is likely by design to keep concerned parents from having their voices heard. I applaud the four State Board of Education members who stood up for parents and requested the State and their own Board revisit this issue. Unfortunately, their voices, like most parents’ voices, were not heard.”

7 thoughts on “NJ State Board of Education Mandates Force Creepy Sex Ed on School Districts

  1. Greatest respect for the parents with the courage to keep their children away from these indoctrination centers.

  2. What has the Ridgewood Superintendent Gorman said specifically about this and what they pan on teaching elementary school kids?

  3. Keep pushing back

  4. Teachers were on training last Mon. I wonder what they were learning. I wonder even more, what will they teach?

    1. LOOK HERE

      NJ Transgender School Guidance for School Districts

      or here:

  5. The world is changing, I can voice my opinion, I’m losing my freedom of speech, you can’t use the word gay, but yet I can go down the block and buy marijuana, I’ll just stay in my backyard.

  6. Does education money in NJ follow the kids, or are public schools funded without regard to the number of students in a school? In other words, will Ridgewood HS still get $XXX per year for an empty desk if a high school student leaves that school to attend a different (private) educational institution?

    If money talks and BS walks and public school funding is based on enrollment, then take your kids out of these morally corrupt institutions and put them into another educational facility, where:
    1 – the education will most likely be superior to the public school
    2 – parents’ concerns and values will be more closely reflected in the tenets and goals of the private educational institution
    3- the public school will lose funding for those students that have left.

    A journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. Take the first step toward saving your child AND dismantling the taxpayer-funded feeding trough at which the teachers’ unions are making their members (AND LEADERSHIP!) fat while providing a sub-par product – that product being a inferior, so-called “education” that does not adequately prepare our children for the future.

    For further discussion in support of this position, see Thomas Sowell’s book – “Charter Schools and Their Enemies”.

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