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NJ State Police Arrest Man Who Fired a Gun during a Garden State Parkway Road Rage Incident

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Holmdel NJ, The New Jersey State Police have arrested Wellingthon Ayala-Peralta, 36, of Philadelphia, PA for allegedly brandishing a gun and shooting it during a road rage incident.

On Tuesday, August 24, at 10:47 a.m., troopers from Holmdel Station were alerted by dispatch of an erratic driver who was reported to be traveling southbound on the Garden State Parkway in Middlesex County. The victim called 9-1-1 to report that another driver pulled up next to him, brandished a gun, and fired two rounds into the air. He was able to provide a description of the vehicle, which was a black Honda Civic with Pennsylvania license plates.
Within minutes, troopers located and stopped the vehicle in the area of milepost 89.2. Ayala-Peralta was arrested and found to be in possession of stolen a 9mm caliber handgun and a high capacity magazine.
Wellingthon Ayala-Peralta was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose, possession of a high capacity magazine, receiving stolen property, and DWI. He was lodged at the Middlesex County jail pending a detention hearing.
Charges are mere accusations, and the accused is considered innocent until proven guilty.

5 thoughts on “NJ State Police Arrest Man Who Fired a Gun during a Garden State Parkway Road Rage Incident

  1. Pennsylvania plates. What a surprise.

  2. Well then , charge him , do a trial and convict ,sentenced to jail , but don’t pull the innocent party into the case . As we all know , with this asinine governor of Joisey and the idiotic law passed of releasing scum convicts back out on the street and state law the convict will mostly likely go after the guy agsin that reported him . It could have been any of us innocent now reading the story . Keep these dirtbags in jail for a very long time once they are caught . ! 👏👍🤣😜

  3. Why would a person driving safely accuse this person of the shooting act IF. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN?? Stop aiding & abetting the criminal. Are you waiting till he KILLS someone???

  4. it’s amazing that the police are losing so much power. The police can’t even keep up with the new laws because of changing so fast. Way different kind of police work today.

  5. Road rage incidents are getting so so bad. Speeding cars on highways doing 90 in the slow lanes. Nuts driving and cutting off other drivers. I had an incident in Lodi , New Jersey where a crazy man at the light on Kipp Street or Avenue at the traffic light . It was road rage and his bumper sticker was some sick remark . I actually was afraid he might pull a gun or knife on me in my Suv. While I was behind him waiting fir him to go when the light turned green. I actually called the police and hoping they would come and nobody came to check this crazy person out. I am an older person and handicap. Which I told the police who never showed up.

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