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NJ State Police Offer Safe Driving Tips

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Trenton NJ, the New Jersey State Police would like to remind motorists to limit distractions and focus on driving while on the road. Distracted driving is the leading cause in motor vehicle crashes and, at times, can lead to road rage incidents. The best way to prevent a crash or a potential road rage incident is to limit your distractions.

Distracted driving can include using your cellphone, putting on makeup, eating, or even turning around in your seat to interact with passengers.
We also remind everyone to drive defensively, and if you see an aggressive driver, do not engage them. Pull over in a safe location, and dial #77 to report the incident.
We will continue to do our part to target aggressive and distracted drivers, but we need all drivers to do their part as well.

One thought on “NJ State Police Offer Safe Driving Tips

  1. I’d like to see the NJSP ticket the douchbags from NY that do 45mph in the left lane.
    That causes dangerous driving since everyone has to pass them on the right.
    The left lane is for passing, not reserved for New yorkers.

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