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NJ teachers union endorses Buono for governor


NJ teachers union endorses Buono for governor
Last updated: Sunday March 17, 2013, 9:10 AM
The Record

The state’s largest teachers union endorsed Democrat Barbara Buono for governor after a 15-member screening committee met with her and Governor Christie this weekend, the New Jersey Education Association announced Saturday.

Buono, a state senator first elected in 2001 and the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor in 2013, was selected unanimously by the union’s 135-member operating committee.

The 195,000-member union has been engaged in headline-making battles with Christie over his attempts to reform tenure and rein salaries and school budgets.

“Unfortunately, over the past three years, teachers and school employees have seen their budgets slashed, their colleagues laid off, their class sizes increased, and their programs cut. It’s time for new leadership,” said Barbara Keshishian, president of the NJEA. “Barbara Buono has supported public education for her entire career in the legislature.”

3 thoughts on “NJ teachers union endorses Buono for governor

  1. What a shocker?

    No, this can;t be true?

    Union people, voting for the person who better supports their 4+% raises, premium healthcare, and pensions….

    Why wouldn’t you support pay freezes, like the public sector gets, Paying more into your healthcare like the public sector does, and eliminating your pensions and start paying into 401Ks like the public sector does? GO, Christie, GO

    Most States are being crippled by Unions now. People working in Union plans today will collect more in retirement than the years they actually spent working? Think about it? Maybe Obamacare will take a few more out earlier than expected? What a great plan, put Barack and his family on this? Put Congress on Obamacare?

    The truth sometimes hurts

  2. Buono looks like Nancy Pelosi…Oh NO.

    Christie, is a big ole lovable teddy bear! Vote CC

    BuoNO, means Oh NO?

  3. I don’t agree with everything Christie does but I give him a lot of credit for taking on the teachers’ union. That alone will guarantee him my vote! Despite the constant claims of it being all about the children, it is really all about the teachers. They need to come to grips with reality and recognize that those of us in the private sector are hurting and many of us have lost jobs and/or are underemployed and are really struggling to hold onto our homes. Property taxes are killing us. Time to readjust your expectations with reality!

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