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NJ Transit didn’t pay for Super Bowl tickets


NJ Transit didn’t pay for Super Bowl tickets
Agency defends sending 4 employees as planning for Super Bowl XLVIII
Feb 16, 2013

NEWARK — NJ Transit defended spending $14,505 to send four employees to the recent Super Bowl in New Orleans, saying they were there to learn in preparation for Super Bowl XLVIII and that the agency did not pay for game tickets.

The news that NJ Transit paid to send the four employees, two from its police department and two from rail operations was first reported by the Record of Bergen County. A Middlesex County lawmaker criticized the agency for exhibiting “poor judgment” for sending employees on the trip while it still is recovering from superstorm Sandy.

An Oct. 25 NJ Transit memo said that the governor’s office signed off on the request to travel to New Orleans from Jan. 31 to Feb. 4 “to observe Super Bowl transportation, security, stadium and event operations in preparation for Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife stadium.”

NJ Transit has also “been in discussion” with officials in Dallas and Indianapolis, which have hosted past Super Bowls “to learn from their experience” said agency spokesman John Durso Jr.

“NJ Transit did not cover the cost of any tickets to the Super Bowl,” Durso said. “This was a trip designed for employees to learn and bring back best lessons in public transportation and safety planning.”

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  1. The article leaves too much in question. If NJ Transit did not pay for the tickets, did the 4 attendees go to the game anyway? If so, how did they secure tickets to the hotest game of the year — did they use thier NJ Transit “contacts”? What about other business related expenses — meals, transportation to/from the game, etc? And, if they were supposed to be there to learn about public transportation and security, where were they during the game — observing the transportation system on in thier seats observing the game? The AG should do a detailed audit of the time and money spent.

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