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NJ Transit is seeking $1.25 billion of Federal Bailout

Ridgewood Train Station

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Ridgewood NJ, NJ Transit is seeking $1.25 billion of federal aid to make up for a plunge in fare revenue in the wake of the new coronavirus, according to a letter the agency sent to the state’s congressional delegation.

NJ Transit ridership has dropped 88% since March 9 on buses and trains operated by the nation’s largest statewide mass-transportation provider. The financial toll will be “extraordinary and beyond anything experienced in our company’s history,” according to Kevin Corbett, NJ Transit president and chief executive officer .

New Jersey has reported at least 427 positive coronavirus tests and six deaths, including two siblings and their mother. There have been almost 3,000 positive tests in New York, with 21 deaths. Nationally, confirmed cases were nearing 9,000.

4 thoughts on “NJ Transit is seeking $1.25 billion of Federal Bailout

  1. Empty buses are passing my house daily on their regular schedules. Why not cut the runs by half or more to save money?

  2. Go on Sunday schedule

    1. they are on a weekend schedule as of Friday

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