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NJ Transit Police Officers Took lifesaving Action to aid a Stabbing Victim at Newark Penn Station

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Newark NJ, NJ Transit Police officers took lifesaving action to aid a stabbing victim. The incident occurred at a commercial establishment outside the system. The injured victim was able to reach Newark Penn Station. At Newark Penn Station, an observant 3rd party alerted patrolling officers. ⁣

NJ Transit Police officers found the victim both bleeding heavily and going in and out of consciousness. They called for EMS and provided immediate aid. The officers applied a tourniquet, gauze, pressure, and administered oxygen. They continued to render aid and stabilized the victim until EMS arrived.⁣
Throughout this critical incident, time was of the essence. The party who alerted NJTPD, ultimately helped us save this victim.⁣
While you travel the system, please let us know if you notice something suspicious or notice someone in need of assistance. You could help us save a life. Text us at 65873 or call us at 1-888-TIPS-NJT. **Dial 911 for emergencies**⁣
Great work by NJTPD D2:⁣
Officer Doyle⁣
Officer Ydo⁣
Officer Ruckriegel⁣
Officer Dunphy⁣
Sergeant Krause⁣
You may notice an increased presence of New Jersey Transit Police on all NJ TRANSIT lines and modes of service. Please continue to remain vigilant. Report any suspicious activity to NJTPD. Text us at 65873 or call 1-888-TIPS-NJT. **Always dial 911 for emergencies** ⁣
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