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Environmentally Friendly Shelter Uses Solar To Power Lights and USB Charging Ports

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Cherry Hill NJ, NJ TRANSIT has unveiled a new state-of-the art solar panel bus shelter in Cherry Hill, the first of its kind for the agency.  The latest generation shelter continues to advance NJ TRANSIT’s sustainability goals laid out in its 10-Year Strategic Plan.  The solar panels on the roof of the shelter harness the power of the sun to recharge a battery which operates the shelter’s lights at night and adds a new customer convenience in USB charging ports. We were hoping for heat in the winter but I guess you can’t have everything .

“For years, this heavily used bus stop has had hardworking families waiting in the rain or the hot sun. There was no shelter. That is why I reached out to Cherry Hill and NJ TRANSIT who have now answered the call. Now not only do we have a shelter, but it’s solar powered – which means if mom’s phone is dead and she’s running late, she can text or call her family and let them know,” said Congressman Donald Norcross, District 1. “I’m very happy NJ TRANSIT was able to put this solar powered bus shelter in place, moving them a step closer to its goal of zero emissions by 2040. It’s going to be added benefits like phone charging, or even something as simple as shade or a roof in the rain, that makes public transit a more attractive transportation option for Cherry Hill. Increasing public transit ridership will be important to meeting the challenge of climate change. Sustainable infrastructure will be vital to meeting our zero emissions goal. This bus shelter, as unassuming as it is, helps pull a lot of those threads together.”

“This is the latest initiative by NJ TRANSIT as part of Governor Murphy’s commitment to a sustainable, energy efficient transportation system.” said NJDOT Commissioner and NJ TRANSIT Board Chair Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti. “We are very pleased to partner with Cherry Hill on this innovative, first of its kind project for NJ TRANSIT.”

“The construction of this solar-powered shelter marks an important step forward in both NJ TRANSIT and Cherry Hill Township’s shared dedication to supporting sustainability and smart renewable energy solutions,” NJ TRANSIT Board Member and Cherry Hill Township Councilwoman Sangeeta Doshi said. “Through this collaborative partnership, we are paving the way for a new generation of forward-thinking public transportation assets and services.”

“This shelter is the first of what we foresee to be many more to come at bus stops throughout the state, and underscores NJ TRANSIT’s steadfast commitment to achieving the goals outlined in Governor Murphy’s Energy Master Plan”, said NJ TRANSIT President & CEO Kevin S. Corbett. “It also aligns perfectly with one of the five overarching goals in our ten-year strategic plan, NJT2030, which commits to promoting a more sustainable future for our planet.”

“I am so proud to see this outstanding initiative come to life here in Cherry Hill, where NJ TRANSIT provides a vital lifeline for our residents, businesses, and the many people who work, shop and play in our Township,” said Mayor Susan Shin Angulo. “This is truly a win-win situation, as we collectively move forward on our efforts to support environmentally conscious initiatives while also providing the public with accessible, modern conveniences.”

“Township Council and I thank Congressman Norcross and NJ TRANSIT for their hard work and cooperation in turning this idea into a reality. This is a perfect example of what can happen when local, state and federal leaders join together, united in their focus on improving the quality of life of the people they serve,” said Cherry Hill Council President David Fleisher. “By bringing NJ TRANSIT’s first solar-powered shelter to Cherry Hill, we are able to provide an important amenity for the many people who rely on that stop daily while also working to build a more sustainable infrastructure for us all.”

The new shelter, located at a current bus stop at Rt. 70 and South Cornell Avenue in Cherry Hill, serves NJ TRANSIT’s bus route No. 406, which makes stops at Berlin, Marlton, Cherry Hill, Pennsauken and Camden en route to Philadelphia. The No. 406 bus line averages about 800 customers per weekday with about 50 to 60 customers using the Cherry Hill shelter.

The new shelter includes high intensity led lighting for visibility and safety, a two-port USB charging outlet and a motion sensor that conserves the battery and will automatically turn on/off depending on motion inside.

The shelter is ADA accessible and measures 5’ x 10’. A new 12’ x 12’ concrete pad was laid to accommodate the new shelter. The solar cap is waterproof and maintenance free.

NJ TRANSIT will evaluate the performance of the shelter before determining the possibility of expanding the installation of these shelters in other parts of the state.


  1. Waste of time and money…
    …but everyone gets to feel good about themselves as they drive past it in their BMWs and Escalades.

  2. Agreed. Total waste of money and then someone will drive through it at some point.

  3. solar power in New Jersey. I chuckled. Seems like a great way to allocate tax dollars. I’m no climate engineer but here is a thought – put the solar facilities in places with lots of/consistent amounts of sunshine. Solar in NJ….you can’t make this shit up. I’m sure this thing will be spitting out power to the grid with all the excess energy produced this winter.

  4. That looks like enough to power a calculator.

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