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NJ Transit workers take trip to Super Bowl on taxpayers’ dime


NJ Transit workers take trip to Super Bowl on taxpayers’ dime
Thursday February 14, 2013, 10:41 PM
The Record

NJ Transit sent four employees to the Super Bowl in New Orleans — including a key rail official who was in charge of the Hoboken terminal when dozens of rail cars and locomotives, left to sit in low-lying yards, were damaged during superstorm Sandy — at a taxpayer cost of $14,505, expense reports show.

The bills, obtained by The Record through an Open Public Records Act request, include:

$7,800 for lodging from Jan. 31 through Feb. 4, 2013;
$5,241 for airfare;
$423 in miscellaneous expenses.

The intent of the visit was to ground NJ Transit officials in procedures used to handle transportation and security at the Super Bowl, using New Orleans as an example. Sent to tour the city were Rich Andreski, chief of staff of rail operations; Joseph Meade III, superintendent of the Hoboken rail operations; NJ Transit Police Officer Patrick Clark and police official Robert Gatchell. Also in attendance was Penny Bassett Hackett, the high-ranking assistant executive director for communications and customer service, though officials said she visited New Orleans on her own.

4 thoughts on “NJ Transit workers take trip to Super Bowl on taxpayers’ dime

  1. You must be kidding! Where is the fat man and why is he not screaming at these fools?

  2. Because he appointed them.

  3. Hmmmm….on the same day that a notice was placed on the seats of Bergen and Pascak trains that fares are increasing next month. Guess we know why they cant keep the costs down.

  4. The superbowl will be in NJ next year. I would hate for the nj game to be the first one that they see. It was a business trip.

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