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A Chinese Supply Chain Revolution

Republican Candidate for Congress Frank Pallotta

Congressional Candidate Frank Pallotta

America has lost a great treasure from its decades-long dependence on China; and breaking free from her grip, will be like ripping a scab off an old wound. To envision how badly this has hurt us as both a state and a nation, consider a hypothetical where a fictitious town’s retail stores are all owned by a tyrannical “slave owner” who deals in worthless currency (the Yuan) in exchange for US dollars, and then breaks every law with impunity while gaining complete control over all the resources you ultimately rely on. Furthermore, any attempt to begin to break free from their grip, would be met with supply-chain chaos in the short-term. This metaphor does in fact exist in the form of Chinese trade relations with the US, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Now imagine our own state, New Jersey, as the economic driver and manufacturing powerhouse with the wherewithal to eliminate the second order effects of cutting the Chinese umbilical cord to the US.

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