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November 7,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, If you have not heard, fire destroyed the Fr. English Food Pantry in Paterson last Thursday.
OLMC has had a long working relationship with this food pantry. Our pans of food are sent here, the youth group has volunteered here for over ten years and last Lent, we were able to donate over $9,000 from our “Meals in Motion” service project. The pantry feeds approximately 4,500 families each MONTH.
In speaking to Carlos today, ALL food in the pantry must be destroyed due to smoke and water damage and it will take over two months to rebuild.
With three weeks until Thanksgiving, Carlos is worried for these families.
Some good news, Eva’s Kitchen, a few blocks from the current pantry site, has agreed to rent space for a temporary pantry until the new one is built.
OUR FROZEN TURKEY DRIVE THIS WEEKEND WILL TAKE PLACE!!! But we are expanding it to ALL nonperishable food items. Items can be dropped off SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11TH FROM 9AM TO 12 NOON.
We know that many families will be leaving town for the long weekend with schools being closed. If you wish to drop off nonperishable food TO THE YOUTH CENTER IN THE SCHOOL BUILDING YOU CAN DO SO NOW THROUGH THURSDAY 5PM. PLEASE NO FROZEN TURKEYS UNTIL SATURDAY SINCE WE DO NOT HAVE FREEZER SPACE FOR THEM.
Any questions, please call Glen Mc Call at the Youth Center (201-444-9302). If you need to drop off nonperishable food items because will be out of town on Saturday, you can bring them to the youth center located in the school building through Thursday 5pm (youth center is closed on Fridays.) You can also bring nonperishable items on Saturday between 9am and 12 noon.