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Tell-tale Signs That A Moving Company Is Reliable


When moving, you want your belongings to be in safe hands and the charges to be reasonable. But that’s only possible if you hire the right company. If you’re moving for the first time, finding a reliable mover and avoiding the rogue ones can be quite a challenge. So how do you do it to make the process a smooth one?

Look out for these signs that show a moving company that can be trusted.

1. A High Level of Professionalism

A legitimate moving company will have physical and professional looking offices. Not only that but also uniformed workers. Their trucks will be marked with the company logo, contact details, and more. If you don’t observe all these in the company you intend to hire, it’s likely that you’re dealing with an unreliable mover, and the services you will get from them may not be what you’re ready for.

2. They’re Properly Licensed

Moving companies are required by the authorities to hold licenses for the business. Licensing requirements vary from region to another depending on the local laws. To avoid running into an illegitimate company, ensure they have the necessary papers for the moving business. You can ask to see the documents, or you can determine that through the websites of the relevant authorities.

3. They’re Adequately Insured

Anything can happen during transit and result in damage to your possessions or even lost items. Usually, moving companies can replace damaged items through insurance companies. But that’s only if they carry the necessary policies for that. If the company you intend to hire isn’t insured, take that as a warning sign and avoid them altogether. Also, ensure the insurance cover is specific; a blanket one may not cater for the goods being transported.

4. Positive Reviews

What do previous customers have to say about the company you intend to hire? Online reviews can help you weed out companies that are likely to give you a raw deal. To narrow things down, focus on websites that review moving companies. A good example is this site that contains customer reports for moving companies in different states. If you’re a resident of Newark, New Jersey and looking for information concerning Newark Movers, you might want to check it out. Remember, reviews that are mostly favorable indicate a reliable mover.

5. Visits to Give a Written Quote

A trusted moving company will visit your place to see the items to be moved before they issue you with a quotation. If that’s not possible, they will request a video of the same to estimate the cost. A rogue moving company will, on the other hand, not bother with that. They will instead blindly give their estimate over the phone or even online. Should that happen when looking for a mover, know that you’re dealing with the wrong company. You might end up paying more than what was stated initially since there was no written agreement.

Moving can drain you emotionally, not to mention the financial aspect. Hiring an illegitimate moving company makes the process even more stressful. To avoid that, be alert to spot the signs that indicate a moving business that can be relied upon to offer clean services. That way, the activity will go on as planned. You will not lose items or end up paying more money than what was stated in the agreement, plus you will be at peace throughout the process knowing that you’re dealing with a reliable company.

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Reader says ,”many of us are selling our homes and moving out not because we want to we have to survive”


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You know it’s a shame because so many of us love small towns and love New Jersey. But it’s just too expensive to live in the state. What the hell happened so many of us are selling our homes and moving out not because we want to we have to to survive. Especially the retirees they’re not going to give their pension checks for taxes .why would anybody do that even if they have the funds. It just doesn’t make sense.