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Reader says the Transportation Trust Fund is nothing more than a piggy bank to fund pet projects and to funnel payments to favored firms


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The TTF is not going bust. Its 5 year authorization ends in June, so either it is reauthorized from July 1st or we find a more cost effective solution to fully fund the state’s capital program for state roads, bridges & tunnels. Trying to saying it will go bankrupt is a misleading statement aimed at raising gasoline taxes for no other reason than a new tax to fund pet union projects

This is a bold faced union lie. In recent years the fund has supported $1.2B in annual construction, maintenance and operating costs at NJ Transit and the state DoT. This despite TTF owing more than $30B in principal and interest on their debt, piled up by politicians in Trenton. The TTF is fully able to support the current capital program as originally proposed in the current five-year authorization, and will be able to do so if it is reauthorized again from July 1st. Too bad if the funds raised from the gasoline tax and toll charges are actually used for actual state road, bridge & tunnel repairs.

The politicians and unions don’t like that because they’ve been using the TTF as a piggy bank to fund their pet projects and to funnel graft payments to favored firms like Sarlo pal Sanzari. NJ spends 3X more than any other state to maintain state roads (surprise, surprise!) and that’s exactly why Senate President Sweeney says things like, “Judgment day is here, and we need to fund the TTF.” It’s how he buys votes and without more funds he loses that ability. They want to burden all NJ residents and commuters with higher gasoline taxes to fund their vote buying machine, and they are unwilling to discuss how the TTF rang up $30B in debt by overpaying union labor for road work & repairs. It’s nothing more than a scam to steal money from our pockets.