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COMMENTARY: Trump presents a realistic view of U.S.

Interviewing with Kennedy from Fox News

Bob Auth Interviewing with Kennedy from Fox News.

July 28,2016

by NJ Assemblyman Robert Auth represents the 39th District in Bergen and Passaic counties.

On my return as a delegate from the Republican National Convention, I heard a lot of commentators say the acceptance speech of the nominee, Donald J. Trump, was too dark. I did not see that at all. It was a frank and realistic assessment of the state of affairs of the nation — and very powerful.

Don’t the commentators know that 70 percent of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction?

We needed an honest evaluation of the nation, so people can know the truth. And so we can know how to correct the problems.

Trump said he will stand with the forgotten people to be their voice. Republicans usually speak of limited government. Trump sees it a little differently. He wants to restrain corrupt government from hurting the average American. Trump knows people are disconnected and hugely dissatisfied with their government. He will speak for them when the doors are closed and the politicians are in the back room cutting deals.

Trump will be the one to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating coal jobs out of this country, to stop the Justice Department from taking our guns and to stop the IRS from over taxation while hedge funds and Wall Street get a pass. He will be the voice of the hardworking common man, the forgotten who built this great nation and want it to be great again.

People want honesty from their politicians. Political correctness has beaten the spirit of this country. Donald Trump knows this instinctively. Notice he clarified his position on Muslims? The liberal media say it is not possible to ban all Muslims, yet the American people respond with support for Trump. Americans are smart and know he won’t ban all Muslims. He just wants to stop dangerous people from coming into this county and killing innocent, freedom-loving Americans.

President Barack Obama has the administration of red lines and Hillary Clinton is the candidate of white lies. It’s clear Donald Trump will be a very forceful leader on the world stage. He will not tour the world apologizing for American exceptionalism, nor coddle enemies of America like Iran.

This is another area where Trump speaks truth. Concerning the Iran deal, the United Nations just released a report stating the Iranians are not complying with the agreement. They intend to rebuild advanced centrifuges in less than 10 years. Obama wants to allow Iranian business access to American dollars through a series of international clearinghouses, a move that is prohibited by U.S. law. This will not happen in a Trump administration.

There will be accountability and the American interest will come first. Remember when Jimmy Carter coddled the Iranians? Under Trump, the enemies of America will pay.

Clinton has lied about her email server.  Let me ask you something: If the wife of a forgotten man was being investigated by the attorney general, do you think she would meet with him? Would he get 45 minutes in her plane to talk about  grandkids? This is the same attorney general who said the only way we can defeat ISIS is with love and gun control would have stopped the Orlando nightclub shootings.

Average Americans know that what has been happening in this country under Obama and Clinton is wrong, and they feel helpless at the hands of political correctness. Trump will break this cycle of insanity and begin a new era of American greatness.