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Old horse barn in Ridgewood has ‘the right feel’


Old horse barn in Ridgewood has ‘the right feel’

MAY 12, 2014    LAST UPDATED: MONDAY, MAY 12, 2014, 6:08 PM

Representatives from two architecture firms sang similar praises for the cosmetic appearance of a former horse barn in Ridgewood. Now the Village Council is hoping that one of the companies will determine whether that structure, located at the Irene Habernickel Family Park, can be repaired and repurposed for use by recreation officials as well as the general public.

The horse barn project is the next phase of the village’s multi-step plan to convert the entire 10-acre property on Hillcrest Road, which Ridgewood purchased from the Habernickel family in 2004, into a public facility. Over the years, county and state grants helped fund the installation of playing fields, a parking lot and passive recreation areas at the site.

With the public’s increasing use of the land, Ridgewood safety and recreation department supervisors have said the park lacks certain amenities, but those accommodations could potentially be housed in a renovated horse barn. Officials said the building, which has weathered over time, could be restored to include adequate shelter from rain and lightning as well as provide space for restroom facilities.

At a council meeting last month, two separate architects briefly outlined their proposals for work on the barn. The architects recently responded to the village’s request for proposals and were identified by engineering and recreation officials as the viable bidders.

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