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Police summoned to disturbance at Ridgewood Council meeting

village council meeting assult

photo by Boyd A. Loving
Police summoned to disturbance at Council meeting
February 11,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridhewood NJ, resident Dana Glazer had his cell phone knocked out of his hand by a meeting attendee.  Police investigation underway.  No charges pressed as of this writing.

Witnesses state that it happened when Jim Griffiths was being honored and was especially disturbing especially with so many small children in the room. But, it did happen, “and the choice of timing was fully in the hands of the person who hit the man with the camera. I saw the entire thing because it had caught my attention that one resident was inches from another,bothering him, so I was watching. When the “aggressor” hit the man with the cell phone and knocked the phone to the ground, that was when I ran to get the police.”

The witness went on , “By the time I got to the police desk, one flight down, an officer was already radioing in to get to the courtroom, so either someone else called the police or the police saw on closed circuit camera I counted four officers that came up. What was even more shocking was that at the end, was that Councilwoman Hauck had the audacity to suggest that “no one saw it happen” (you can watch the tape tomorrow, I don’t want to put words in her mouth) – so if she didn’t see it then does that mean it did not happen? And the suggestion that I could have handled it differently, really? So if I see one person hit another, but something nice is going on at the same time, I should just sit back and do nothing.”

A long time resident who did not witness the attack said ,” I think it a sad day for Ridgewood when members of the pubic are afraid to come to meeting for fear of possible assault   or harassment by other members of the public.. This was all fueled by the council majority who berated this same member of the public in recent council meeting for video taping them,  We have sunk to a new low here in Ridgewood. Never in all my years in town have I see such distrust, in fighting,berating of the public by council members and i’ve been here a long time.  ”

The victim Dana Glazer is also someone who has been threatened repeatedly for recording public meetings. This has now opened up the gates for others to attack those who wish to record.