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The Dark Side of Pregnancy You Must Be Aware Of

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Nothing is more satisfying than being finally told that you’ll be the newest mom in town a few months down the line, of course, if you’ve been planning it for a while. As soon as they get the good news, most women immediately want to know the gender and start shopping for baby stuff… some can’t wait to pass the information to the soon-to-be father. But just like anything else in life, pregnancy can be filled with lots of anxiety, uncertainties, and outcomes that could make the bearer believe life is indeed unfair. However, knowing what’s at stake and understanding the various unpleasant outcomes can increase the chances of a successful birth or ensure your wellbeing, that of your unborn baby or both of you. Simply put, childbearing has a dark side to it that every mom-to-be has to understand before, during, and even after pregnancy. On this note, here is a brief overview of the dark side of pregnancy, you must be aware of if you’re expectant or you intend to be.

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