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Governor Christie: School is Back in Session Put The Cell Phones Down And Pay Attention When In The Car

back to school Ridgewood
September 8,2016

the staff of the Ridegwood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  its bears repeating school is open so drive carefully !
Governor Christie:  This is always an interesting time of year. Everyone’s got to get readjusted. And in our house this morning, one of our children went back to school, the other didn’t. Which lead to enormous teasing last night, of Bridget to Patrick, because she was going to be able to sleep in for one last morning and Patrick was getting up to head to school for the first time this year. Let’s all of us be attentive to particularly the public safety issues that surround the beginning of the school year. Let us all put our cell phones down when we are in the car. That should be a rule of thumb no matter what. Law enforcement will enforce that, specifically, but especially for parents and I saw this this morning, which is why it’s on my mind, parents driving into a school lot while they’re texting. It’s unthinkable to me that with children walking around on a school campus setting, and parents driving in with their own children in the car that they would engage in distracted driving, which I think is the term of art we use now, distracted driving. It’s texting while driving, and it just shouldn’t be done. So I want everybody to pay attention, especially the public safety issues that come up when you have lots of young people who no matter how many times we tell them to look both ways before they cross or move into a street don’t always remember. We’re the responsible adults, we got to make sure we’re keeping an eye on those things. So we got to get out of summer mode, get into fall mode unfortunately, and one of those things I think is keeping our eye on what we’re doing and making sure that we’re talking to our children about the things they need to do. Not only to do well in school but to be safe in school. And we can set a good example by doing some of things that are within our control as well. So Mary Pat and I will try to make sure we do that, and we hope that all of you here and all of those listening will do that as well.