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Readers say Village Council Majority “Dismissiveness” to Residents Concerns Raises Voter Mobilization Drive

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

What’s needed is MORE VOTERS who have a clue. Votes by only a small coterie of those who follow the issues WILL NOT CUT IT (viz. G. Hauck’s election in the first place, by a handful of votes). The amigos and their amigos know the importance of numbers of votes and will be out there lying their shirts off (lies of commission and omission) in “vote for parking” mode.

Start talking it up NOW. Please make sure your family members, neighbors, and friends are registered to vote–the number of the unregistered who won’t admit it is apparently staggering. Any 17-year-old who will turn 18 by the day of the next election can register in advance of that birthday, showing documentation. Talk to friends and neighbors who may be clueless; often they are thrilled to be told whom to vote for or not.