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Reader Takes Offense to “ridiculous” Fishbein letter

Dan Fishbein 10

This was my response to his ridiculous letter. I have yet to receive a response.

Dear Dr. Fishbein,

As a lifetime resident of Ridgewood and product of our school system I have found myself at a loss this evening. Several educated, informed and “moral” people in my life have gathered, read and reread your passionate and unnecessary memorandum; not one of us could actually identify the clear thesis.
Teach my child to read and critically think and ensure that kindness and respect are modeled in the class and throughout the district but for Gods sake don’t you dare create the paradigm for respect or try to be my child’s or any child’s moral compass.
I may be misguided in this assumption but your words “..teach our children about tolerance and respect for the dignity of every being” lend to the belief that all life deserves respect and dignity. I am eager to hear how a pro-life platform is incorporated into our schools curriculum.
Sir it is quite clear that your experience and education expertise are not in foreign policy but rather school administration, in the future I suggest you stick with that.

Warm regards,

As a side note Dr. Fishbein, to your point about respecting all people; why don’t we teach children (and adults) to respect the leaders and laws of this land? Truthfully Sir if you are going to send out a letter every time you disagree with President Trump’s agenda this is going to be a very long 4-8 years.