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Ridgewood Girl Scout Trooop 1326 returns with trainload of goods for storm victims

180073901 Ridgewood Girl Scouts return with trainload of goods for storm victims


Troop 1326 members Ruby, Celeste, Katie, Erin and leader Bernie Walsh pose by the wrought iron gate made by Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Ga.

Ridgewood Girl Scouts return with trainload of goods for storm victims

MONDAY NOVEMBER 19, 2012, 10:09 PM

Through charity, goodwill or service, every Girl Scout at some point in their career has felt a family connection between individual troops.

A group of Ridgewood girls experienced the sisterly bond between scouts this past weekend after traveling to Savannah, Ga., for an annual conference. There, the local scouts, who were part of a large contingent from northern New Jersey, teamed with the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia to collect much-needed supplies for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Knowing that a group from New Jersey was headed to the conference, the young ladies from Georgia started the collection even before their counterparts arrived. The Savannah scouts requested and received hundreds of donations, ranging from batteries and blankets to clothing and trash bags.

Upon learning of and seeing the other scouts’ efforts, the 122 members of the North Jersey delegation, including 11 girls from Ridgewood and their three scout leaders, were floored.