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Reader : The question is what authority does a Ridgewood crossing guard have

ridgewood crossing guards

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You have a valid point.
The question is what authority does a RW crossing guard have.
School crossing guards may or may not have the authority to direct traffic. It depends on state and local statues regarding whether a school crossing guard has the authority to perform the duties of a traffic control officer or not. If allowed, it likely requires the guard to complete specific training and may require the guard to be placed under the auspices of the police department rather than the board of Ed or the township. Also there may be issues of additional liability insurance, minimum fitness tests, etc.
I’m not sure of the laws in NJ and RW regarding this but it is an area that you should investigate to see if it makes sense.
A cop giving out tickets to frustrated drivers (who drive recklessly) may also act as a deterrent.