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NJDOE To Require Feminine Hygiene Products in Boys’ Bathrooms in New Jersey Schools

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Ridgewood NJ, Senator Michael Doherty called for amendments to clarify that legislation approved by the Senate Education Committee today would not require feminine hygiene products to be made available in boys’ bathrooms in New Jersey schools.

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“It’s absolutely nuts that nobody could tell us in committee today if the proposed bill applies only to girls’ bathrooms,” said Doherty (R-23). “It would be completely and utterly ridiculous to force New Jersey schools to make tampons and sanitary napkins available in boys’ bathrooms. It would be an immense waste of money and is almost certain to lead to vandalism that could be quite costly to repair. The sponsors should accept reasonable amendments to make clear that the legislation applies to girls’ rooms only.”

The Senate Education Committee approved a bill sponsored by Democrats, S-1221, that requires feminine hygiene products, including tampons and sanitary napkins, to be provided in all school bathrooms for schools serving students in grades six through 12.

Doherty proposed the amendment during committee but it was tabled by the Democrat majority.

23 thoughts on “NJDOE To Require Feminine Hygiene Products in Boys’ Bathrooms in New Jersey Schools

  1. These people are mentally ill

    1. Totally agree. Because “men” can have their periods and babies. Can’t wait to get out of this state. It’s crazy what we are catering to!

      1. What are boys going to do with female personal products? Use them for nose bleeds. We have to do better and stop creating nonsense.

    2. Totally agree! Insane that they are pushing that “males” can menstruate and get pregnant. Can’t wait to get out of this state (getting out this summer!) so they stop trying to brainwash my kids. We are catering to a small minority and it’s crazy!

    3. Yes they are. What were once just a bunch of fruitcakes are now a significant part of our Federal and local governments.

  2. I totally agree because males can mesnstruate and have babies. 🙄 can’t wait to get out of this state so they stop trying to brainwash my kid. We are catering to a small population and it’s ridiculous.

  3. what a waist of money. Thank you for all you do for us idiot politicians!

  4. Who on earth comes up with these misguided, utterly absurd and inappropriately superfluous ideas? Are our legislators so out of touch that they are guided by fear of being “non-inclusive” even if in non-applicable situations. I say we should have pet relief stations in boys and girls bathroom as well as faculty bathrooms

  5. Just when you thought you’ve heard it all. Speechless…..

  6. Keep it up weirdos. Crap like this inches swing voters to vote R.

    1. So few words, but oh so true…

  7. What to see the Ridgewood BOE line item price for this. It will be in the millions.

    1. As per the language of the bill, “Any costs incurred by a school district in providing an adequate supply of feminine hygiene products to meet the needs of its students shall be borne by the State.”

  8. It was probably just an oversight.

  9. I’d just like to know where exactly are these boys putting the tampons? 🤔

  10. This sounds like a Hostile School Environment is being created for young boys.

  11. So absurd… I thought Ridgewood was better than this

    1. Not Anymore.

      Now-a-days Ridgewood is a leader in this lunacy
      (with the support of your neighbors)


    Are you marching on state legislators houses?
    Are you petitioning the Governor?
    Are you holding vigils in the Middle School Parking lots?
    Are you writing letters?
    Are you going on TV News shows?
    Are you organizing on Social Media?


    THAT is why this WILL be implemented and MANY, MANY, MANY more initiatives like it.

  13. the state is mandating that we put tampons in the boys bathrooms? People are so stupid.
    cant wait to explain to my kids why this is so dumb and how out of control this bullshit is. It will be a teachable moment. I will also encourage them to deplete the boys tampon supply and sabotage this effort as best they can without getting caught.
    Is Ridgewood dumb enough to play along? I have not seen any nose rings or skittle hair in the teaching ranks….yet – so I have some hope we have not crossed the line – yet.
    Looking more like Catholic school will be a real possibility if this nonsense continues.

  14. It’s totally amazing that this is happening to our kids. I’m sorry boys go to the boys room, girls go to the girls room and if they have to build another bathroom for the ones that are confused that’s OK. But I don’t need to change for them. Which some of us do understand some of these kids are going through different changes weekend but the whole world shouldn’t change because of this. This is not the answer

  15. We wonder what this is the start of of. It makes the rest of us very confused, and the ones that are not confused or confused now, not to mention the stress, and making individuals that are using the bathroom comfortable.

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