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NJEA leadership refuses request for a livestream endorsement screening interview of GOP Gubnatorial Candidate Jack Ciattarelli

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Sommerville NJ, Successful small business owner, former assemblyman, and Republican frontrunner for Governor Jack Ciattarelli said he was disappointed, but not surprised, the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) leadership refused his request for rank-and-file NJEA members to participate in a livestream of his endorsement screening interview.

“With all due respect, the invitation to participate in a gubernatorial screening process orchestrated by the same political union bosses who have given $10 million in campaign contributions to Governor Murphy’s Super PAC is a total charade,” said Ciattarelli. “I know the NJEA bosses don’t have any interest in endorsing me, and I have no interest in letting them use me as a prop meant to give the phony impression that their screening process is fair. I do, however, have a strong and genuine interest in speaking directly to all rank-and-file NJEA members – teachers, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, custodians, school nurses and librarians, security staff and administrative workers – who make up the real union membership. My request to have these hard working women and men participate in this screening is more than fair, and the NJEA union bosses’ decision to prohibit them is disappointing.”
Ciattarelli said that he plans to take his case directly to NJEA members and asks them to hear him out, instead of taking orders from the union bosses.
“Every teacher and school employee deserves to take part in a full and honest conversation about the future of our state, the fiscal realities we all face, the outrageous taxes we all pay, and a sensible approach to making sure all of our children are back in school full-time immediately,” added Ciattarelli. “This conversation is more important now than ever. Children are falling behind. Parents are trying to make ends meet. Teachers are fighting to keep our children above water. While we may not agree on every issue, I’ve personally spoken to hundreds of NJEA members who want an alternative, even if they have been made to be afraid to say it out loud. The fact that the NJEA union bosses won’t allow for an open and honest conversation reveals their true intentions and what little confidence they have in Governor Murphy.”
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